Refuse credit offers abroad

Have you come across an internet advertisement advertisement An unknown person claiming to grant easy and effective credit through an individual or a foreign entity? Do not trust. In the last video of the campaign “Don’t give credit for easy money” we, together with the Public Security Police (PSP), made us aware of the dangers of accepting credit offers abroad.

“Advertisements associated with scams in this area are often identifiable by the way they are written and the means of contact made available to potential victims of fraud. Typically, these are poorly worded and misspelled ads that refer to contact via WhatsApp through a foreign number or via a non-institutional email under a foreign name, ”explains PSP spokesman Alex Lombra, spokesman.


Confirm legitimacy before accepting overseas credit offers

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Before proceeding with any type of credit proposal it is of utmost importance to make sure that the alleged intermediary, as well as the alleged lender, are legitimate.

If these entities do not have an official website or page on social networks, but at the beginning of their address does not contain “HTTPS”, they should doubt their legitimacy, as this means that they do not have a security certificate.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the website or page contains phrase constructions or spelling errors that show the use of basic online translation tools.

It is also extremely important to pay attention to the address when confirming the reliability of the financial entities. Alex Lombra points out that “if no address is provided or if the address presented by the entity is in a foreign country or if it is a mere post office, special care should be taken”.

Analyzing testimonials and criticism is important, as Julio Regalados, CEO of MoneyLinks, stresses, because “if the testimonials advertised on the website of these entities appear to be untrue, and if there are no references about these entities on other credible websites, as well as any criticism online, this could be an indicator of being a fictional entity.

To check if this is a potential scam you should also advise how the process is conducted at the level of the red tape associated with granting the alleged credit.

Julio Regaladas further explains that “if almost immediate approval is promised and without the requirement to present a broad set of documents that allow the risk analysis of the operation, then we will most likely be facing a scam.”

If you are not required to present the Credit Responsibility Map, you are not likely to be a legitimate entity. As a rule, default on the Bank of Portugal’s list is an impediment to earning credit from accredited institutions, so proof of this is generally required.


Ensure the protection of Portuguese law

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Always reject offers from companies not eligible for credit by Bank of Portugal and do not accept any credit proposal that is not formalized in our country. If you do so, Portuguese law cannot guarantee the protection of your rights in the event of a dispute.

The list of credit intermediaries authorized by PureSave Bank to operate can be found here. The verification of the financial institutions accredited by the regulator may be done through this link.

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