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7’s Hero: Boise Events Company Hosts Treasure Valley Neighborhood Dance Party

Sound Wave Events had to cancel parties due to the coronavirus, but the owners realized they could keep playing music by taking the show on the road.

IDAHO CITY, Boise — In late March, the coronavirus shutdowns changed everything for businesses in Treasure Valley and across the country. The state shut down and businesses and businesses not deemed essential were stunned, wondering what to do.

But a local business finds an innovative way to keep busy and bring the dance party to neighborhoods around Treasure Valley.

“Sound Wave Events, we’re a local DJ and photo booth company, we do a lot of events here in the valley, McCall’s, Sun Valley. March 1st we were gearing up for a really amazing season, and March 20th our the business was at a standstill,” said Kristin Cole, owner of Sound Wave Events. “One day it’s business as usual, and two days later I’m laying off most of our staff, and it’s so tough. It was a tough day, it was a really tough day for us.”

All parties, events and weddings that Sound Wave Events had booked were canceled and the postponement was pending. A few weeks passed, and then a solution emerged when Cole’s husband and business partner had an idea.

“One day my husband, Adam, said, ‘Hey, I have an idea. How about we build a sound system in the back of my truck? “We can follow all the social distancing protocols, but still bring joy and hope to people. That was it, we worked on it!”

That’s when beats. for your block. was born. A fun and innovative way to bring the dance party to the people, at a time when so many people feel isolated and alone.

“Someone contacts us and says, ‘Hey, backyard party? Block party? Sounds awesome, let’s go!'” We play about 30 minutes for each person or family,” Cole said.

Times are tough right now and so many Idahoans are out of work. Cole said there was no official price for bringing beats. for your block. in your neighborhood, but they accept donations to keep their struggling DJs afloat.

“We don’t have a fixed cost for this. We all need the morale boost so badly! But, if people are willing to donate, it puts money back in the pockets of our DJs,” a- she declared.

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Cole explained that it’s all about safety, the DJs come to you, there is no physical contact and they remind all dancers to stay within their families and stay six feet apart. the other. They strictly adhere to CDC guidelines.

“So we’ll roll with the music to their yard, just play some really fun upbeat music, we take your requests,” she said. “It’s so amazing, I think right away, how the whole experience makes people so excited! I mean, when in your life have you looked out the window and seen a truck with a DJ in it? back with music pass in front of your house? Never!”

There is more than music to this. Cole added that these parties are just as fun as they are healing. She said school, birthday parties, graduations and weddings are cancelled, jobs are uncertain, finances are tight and people just need it right now.

“We see families coming together in new ways, neighbors coming together in new ways, people dancing and they’re screaming like yes!!! It’s so awesome! and just having that moment where they can forget about all the stress and pain. uncertainty of what we’re going through and just have fun for a minute,” she said.

Beats. for your block. brings fun and happiness to Treasure Valley, in our new normal, in a whole new way. Cole said it has been unexpected joy for his company and its employees during a dark time.

“It was a great opportunity to give back in a way that is really helping people right now and in a meaningful way,” she said.

Sound wave events and beats. for your block. have held over 60 block parties since this idea was born, and they have no plans to slow down.

For more information on how you can host the party where you live, check out Sound Wave Events online and on Facebook.

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