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A company with Buffalo ties featured in the signing of the CHIPS law

BUFFALO, NY — One of the biggest hurdles as the United States continues to move toward electric vehicles is finding ways to charge them.

A potential solution is SparkCharge.

“We’re not only making it more efficient, but we’re also making it more cost-effective and easier to access charging wherever you are and whatever type of vehicle you’re driving in terms of an electric vehicle,” said founder and CEO Josh. said Aviv.

The Syracuse University graduate started the company in 2017. He said SparkCharge has the first smart on-demand mobile charging network for electric vehicles with the Roadie, a portable DC charger and the Currently app, which allows customers to have this charge delivered to their location on their phone.

“The same way you order food on GrubHub or Uber Eats or order groceries delivered on Instacrat, now you can have a range delivered to your car,” Aviv said.

The company is headquartered in Massachusetts, but has set up its factory in western New York.

“Every product is crafted, manufactured, and shipped from Buffalo, New York,” Aviv said.

When President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act legislation last week, Aviv joined him on stage to explain how the $280 billion package will help his business.

“It was really great to be there and to be present for such an incredible signing, for such an incredible moment,” he said.

Aviv said the price of semiconductors or microchips has gone from a few dollars apiece to sometimes a few hundred, and delivery times have stretched to 100 weeks or more as manufacturing moved out of the United States. The legislation aims to boost domestic production again.

“We have multiple circuit boards, multiple different circuit boards inside our product. Each one includes up to four or five chips per board,” Aviv said. “You multiply that and you have more than 20 tokens inside your unit so the price can add up.”

The CEO believes the CHIPS Act will help SparkCharge on several fronts, not only making the components more affordable, but also providing potential direct funding.

“There are grants that are aimed at helping new American businesses grow. I think this is one of the ones that we will seek. We have a mandate to expand our current operations and our mobile top-up operations to cities over the next few months, so this is a great opportunity for us to be able to expand and grow as well,” he said.

On September 15, SparkCharge hosts its annual event, Spark Day. Aviv said the company plans to unveil three to four new technologies that it says will revolutionize the way people think about electric vehicle charging.