A man with knives outside the Twin Falls department store

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – A man carrying knives and a bow and arrows who refused to leave a local department store faces charges after meeting with Twin Falls police on Wednesday afternoon. Twin Falls Police Lt. Craig Stotts says Gary Johnson, 31, faces two counts of aggravated assault against a law enforcement officer after police tried to arrest him around 3:30 p.m.

Police were initially called to Walmart over a report of a man who refused to leave the store after allegedly attempting to steal merchandise. When two officers arrived they found Johnson in the store parking lot and tried to talk to him. Both officers could see the man carrying a large knife, about 14 inches on the side and a smaller one on his back; the bow and arrows were on the ground. The police tried to calm him down, but he continued to walk away from them, according to the police. Johnson then turned to the bow and arrow, at which point officers cut him off and were ordered to stop, but he did not comply. That when officers allege Johnson unbuttoned the sheath of the larger knife and reached behind his back, prompting officers to taser him. Additional agents have arrived at the scene, as shown in video and photos posted to social media.

LT. Stotts said one of the officers was injured while trying to stop Johnson, although he did not know the extent of the injuries. Johnson is apparently homeless and is not known in the area. He never had a meeting with the Twin Falls police. Lt. Stotts said Johnson has a criminal record in 11 other states.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Sanchez

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