Event company

A new event company specializing in the creation of small magical moments

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. – “It’s something people can look forward to and remember. It’s very unique, and there’s nothing else like it,” Allison Stephens said.

You can escape to Dubai in your own backyard, enjoy glamping under the stars, plan a picnic by the shore, or hit the sands.

“We started brainstorming years ago, and it’s spiraled and snowballed,” said Stephens, co-owner of Moonfly Events.

Stephens and Bethany Peregrine are the owners of Moonfly. Navy veterans have recently found a niche.

“A lot of companies are doing large-scale [events]. What we do is small scale, but with very high quality detail and custom options,” Stephens said.

Moonfly launched in the spring of 2020, offering small events, detailed service, backyard gatherings and contactless delivery.

“It’s just a way to provide an escape from reality and for people at home to experience their home in a whole new way,” Stephens said.

And business is booming – they’re taking on around three new clients a week, creating incredible tablescapes, backdrops, weddings and more, with every detail taken care of.

“All of a sudden, a lot more requests for our services came in after the pandemic,” Peregrine said. “Backyard picnics, date nights, birthdays, weddings – these don’t stop when the pandemic hits. All of a sudden we were needed.”

They even provide bubble tents in restaurants for socially distant seating.

“We want people to feel special, valued and involved,” Stephens said.

A company that seems pretty perfect, if you will, for this pandemic.

“It was lucky for us. It was written in the moon and the stars,” Stephens said.

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