Adana in southern Turkey bans kites from flying over blackouts

Kite flying, a favourite pastime particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic within the southern province of Adana, has been banned by the native governorate. The governorate cited numerous causes for the ban, from kites flying too near the airport to these hitting energy strains and inflicting blackouts.

The ban was restricted to closely populated residential areas within the heart of the province, whereas kites in rural areas are nonetheless permitted.

The governorate stated in an announcement Thursday that kites “have been flying uncontrollably and on a regular basis” in some neighborhoods hitting utility poles and cables, inflicting blackouts. “This example endangers public security and poses a danger to sufferers with respiratory issues who rely upon electrical gadgets for his or her well being. It additionally causes injury to electrical home equipment in properties because of the change in electrical currents and will increase the chance of fireplace, ”the governorate stated, justifying the ban. The governorate additionally stated kites flown in neighborhoods close to the province’s airport pose a hazard to flight security.

The governorate additionally banned the sale and theft of kites in April 2020, albeit for a quick interval, when individuals confined to their properties as a result of outbreak restrictions took to rooftops to fly kites. kites out of boredom, inflicting energy outages.

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