Alexander believes locks hold key to NRL GF victory

Rugby league legend and former Panthers winning captain Greg Alexander has delivered his verdict on which players will hold the key to their respective teams crossing the line in Sunday’s NRL decision maker.

Alexander stressed that representative forwards from both teams, Cameron Murray and Isaah Yeo, were essential in guiding their teams to prime minister glory on Sunday night.

While Alexander explained that the two players are very different in terms of attacking styles, both will play a vital role in the Grand Final, especially the combination of the two players with their halves.

“Cameron Murray’s involvement both on the ball and in defense is key to South Sydney,” Alexander said on Morning Glory with Matty Johns on 1170 SEN.

“Both locks are exceptional and do a remarkable job of launching the attack.

“Murray learned the ability to run straight and get the ball out from behind.

“He’s such a threat because of his footwork, speed and quick ball play that it makes defenders feel like he’s leading the ball.

“Which means they’re converging, he comes out in the back of Adam Reynolds or Cody Walker and creates that space.

“Murray is very good with the ball.

“Issah Yeo has the half-hearted state of mind. He doesn’t run as straight as Murray but Isaah can tack and then straighten up.

“If he can pass defender A, he can get wider than defender A and then line up defender B.

“All of a sudden he took out his half almost half or the center.

“Penrith left a few points on the pitch against Melbourne and these are Nathan Cleary’s mistakes that you rarely see.

“I think this combination of Nathan and Isaah with the ability to drag defenders A and B and get them involved will be a huge game for the Panthers.”

Murray has played 19 games this year for the Rabbitohs scoring five tries while Panthers co-captain Yeo has appeared 24 times during the 2021 season with two tries to his name.

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