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Arinex claims to be Australia’s first carbon-neutral event company

Event and Conference Management Company, Arinex says it has become the first Australian event management company to achieve carbon neutral certification. The company is certified carbon neutral by Climate Active, awarded to companies and organizations that have achieved a state of net zero emissions.

Nicole Walker (pictured), Managing Director of Arinex, said: “We are fully aware that this certification is only one step in our sustainability story – it is not the end. The important thing is to track this for every event we manage and help our clients reduce the carbon footprint of their events while showing them that they don’t need to compromise.

Arinex introduced a sustainability policy in 2019, as well as signing the IAPCO Plastics pledge.

The company also joined more than 310 event industry players from 48 countries to sign the Commitment to net zero carbon events. Launched at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), the pledge signifies a shared commitment to achieving net zero carbon events.

Arinex followed this by recently banning all printed business cards for staff and switching to paperless “tap and go” cards from sustainable start-up Tapt.

Walker added, “The rise of virtual events over the past two years has had a positive impact on the environment. However, with the return of physical events, it is even more relevant to implement strategies that help reduce, or ideally offset, the footprint.