Event marketing

Automate These 7 Event Marketing Emails to Skyrocket Ticket Sales

Email is one of the most important tools in your event marketing toolbox. Easy to create and ultra affordable, email makes it easy to promote your event to tens of thousands of people with just one click.

Event marketing is even easier when you take advantage of email automation, which lets you schedule a series of emails in advance and free up time to focus on other marketing efforts. marketing. Make your next event a success by automating the following seven emails designed to increase attendance and boost ticket sales.

1. Invitations to events

Start your email series with an invitation to your event. Your invitation emails should generate excitement. Ask yourself:

  • How is your event relevant to your audience?
  • Why should they attend? What benefits will they get and what experience can they expect?
  • Where can they find out more?
  • How can they register?

Common sense says that your event invitations (and all of your event emails) should include the name, date, time and location, and your event logo. But go the extra mile by telling your audience what’s in it for them.

2. Early bird discounts and incentives

What can you offer people who register early? A discount or giveaway can be a powerful incentive that also helps you determine how many attendees you need to plan. Ideas include:

  • A discount on event tickets purchased before a deadline
  • A series of staggered discounts leading up to the event
  • A gift if they register before a certain date, such as a t-shirt
  • Seats or VIP accommodation
  • First reviews of the official event hotel
  • Preferential parking or free parking pass
  • Backstage pass
  • Vouchers for food and drink

Not sure which offer will motivate your audience? Consider A/B split testing on small segments of your list to see which gets the best response. Then send that offer to your biggest list.

3. Reference requests

Events are more fun with friends, so include sponsorship requests in your email series. You can send emails that:

  • Ask registered participants to invite friends and offer an incentive to each friend who registers
  • Offer special incentives for groups of three or more to encourage multiple ticket sales
  • Promote a contest within the event, such as best group t-shirt or costume
  • Offer hotel room discounts for multiple room bookings
  • Offer free or discounted parking for cars with three or more people
  • Give attendees a social link to easily share and invite their friends
  • Encourage attendees to email your invitation to their contacts

Remind your audience how much they’ll enjoy your event if they’re joined by friends, and you could easily double or triple your ticket sales.

4. Group Sales Emails

Use email to promote group sales and get a massive boost in ticket sales. Ideas include emails that:

  • Ask your audience to share your event with their groups, such as nonprofits, church groups, clubs, sports teams, schools, Facebook groups, community organizations, and any other group they are a part of
  • Offer group discounts and incentives such as reserved seating so groups can sit together
  • Offer special incentives to non-profit groups, such as a portion of ticket sales donated to a specific cause
  • Promote a charity that groups will want to support: they can contribute and have a great time doing it

Determine what types of groups are likely to be interested in your event. Then help them see why attending your event is a good idea for their group.

5. Newsletters and event announcements

Send regular email updates to keep your audience engaged and excited. Ideas include:

  • Entertainment Ads: Tell your audience who will be performing while you sign contracts
  • Food and vendor ads: What treats can they enjoy at your event? Which merchants offer on-site purchases?
  • Available experiences: Will your event have games, contests, obstacles, and other experiences that attendees can participate in?
  • Useful advice: how can they get in earlier? Where should they park? What are the best directions? Where are the best seats?
  • Event Calendar: Allow attendees to easily print a calendar to keep in their pockets

Use email newsletters and announcements to continuously build buzz around your event and increase registrations as the date approaches.

6. Social shares

Use email to ask your audience to share your events on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social accounts. A simple query might work, but you might get better results if:

  • You attach your email to a contest; for example, promote a photo contest before the event and let others judge the winners on social media
  • You offer a special incentive to share your event, especially if those shares lead to ticket sales
  • Your event supports a cause, remind your audience of your event’s impact and suggest social sharing as an easy way to help

Don’t underestimate the power of social media for event promotion or email’s ability to generate social shares.

7. Product sales

Offering cool swag at your event? Let your attendees get it early with emails that promote product sales. Ideas include:

  • T-shirts, hats and other clothing
  • Wristbands or event wristbands
  • Sun glasses
  • Drinkware such as tumblers, water bottles, and coffee mugs
  • Flying discs
  • Umbrellas
  • Tote Bags

Better yet, create an official event loot bag filled with the necessities attendees need to “survive” your event. Sell ​​it as a supplement to ticket sales or offer it as an early bird incentive.

Get even better results with advanced event email automation

These seven types of event emails are a great start for event promotion, but you can take your marketing a step further with advanced automation. For example, you can:

  • Automatically segment registrants into new lists and automate emails focused on referrals and product sales
  • Automatically segment your audience by demographics and promote unique selling points by segment; for example, you can advertise the charitable cause your event supports or the entertainment value of your event
  • Automatically segment VIP ticket holders among standard registrants and automate different emails based on the experiences they will have – and promote unique upsells tailored to each audience

Remember, the more your emails speak to your audience, the more likely they are to respond, share, and subscribe. Advanced automation can maximize ticket sales for your event.

Improve your email marketing with social automation

Email isn’t the only event marketing platform you can automate. Augment your email promotions with social posts timed to coincide with your emails. This offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Cross-Channel Marketing and Repetition Affecting Listings
  • Social proof when your audience likes and shares your event
  • “Set it and forget it” simplicity when you schedule your posts in advance
  • The ability to focus your efforts on new event marketing opportunities closer to the event

Email and social automation are powerful event marketing tools proven to increase event attendance and boost ticket sales. Harness the power of automation to make your next event a resounding success.