Back 4 Blood: single player mode locks progress; Turtle Rock promises change

Back 4 Blood is preparing to hit stores October 12 °, although users who have booked the Ultimate edition of the title have already been playing for several days. Indeed, some have expressed their unease due to the decision to block the progression to those who decide to play solo mode in the company of bots: This mode does not allow you to progress by obtaining cards, cosmetic items or by unlocking achievements and trophies. In response to the complaints, Turtle Rock Studios has stepped up to make sure they have listened to the community and will explore the possibility of implementing changes.

“We have heard your frustrations with the single player progress and are discussing how to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience and comments. We will hear from you as soon as we find the strategy to make this possible», Comments the study via Twitter.

Back 4 Blood: the successor of Left 4 Dead

That many users await the arrival of Back 4 Blood with the illusion of finding the heir to the mythical Left 4 Dead is no accident; The title was developed by a large part of the team that designed the 2008 title. The proposition is clear: again, we will fight with three friends with the intention of reach a new refuge as we face off against hundreds of the living dead, among which stand out the different mutations that act like mini-bosses. Contrary to what we saw in the Valve saga, the game Turtle Rock Studios will allow us customize weapons with accessories (silencers, sights, types of ammunition, etc.), as well as equip yourself with cards that improve the abilities of our characters. You will soon be able to read our analysis on MeriStation.

Back 4 Blood will be on sale soon October 12 ° for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. Additionally, players who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition can now enjoy the full game. It will also make its debut as soon as it is launched in the catalog of Xbox Game Pass (Xbox and Windows).

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