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Bain & Company apology an insult to SA, says whistleblower Athol Williams

Last week, Bain & Company published a letter of apology in Business Day for its “mistakes” and called for constructive dialogue with South Africa.

FILE: Williams claims the consultancy firm’s actions were not a ‘mistake’ but an attack on South African democracy. Photo: SABC/YouTube

Bongani Bingwa spoke to Bain & Company South Africa whistleblower Athol Williams about his response to the three-page apology the consultancy published last week in Business Day.

It comes after the UK government announced a three-year ban on new public contracts for the company after it was implicated in state capture by the South African Revenue Service (Sars).

Among the topics discussed in an interview with Bingwa, Bain & Company managing partner Stephen York said claims made by consulting firm whistleblower Athol Williams should not be taken seriously, implying that he s was all about guesswork.

Williams refuted the ineligibility of York’s reasoning.

He went on to describe the apology letter as an insult to South Africa, alleging that Bain & Company had the opportunity to present its side of the story to the Nugent and Zondo commissions, which it did not. did not.

The consultation commission had also asked the Zondo Commission to remove 96 from the Williams annexes, the whistleblower says.

In my mind, Bongani, this interest in dialogue is false because they have had the opportunity to speak to our authorities many times and they have never taken it.

Bain & Company whistleblower Athol Williams

He confirmed the validity of his testimony by describing the events that led to Bain & Company’s three-year ban in the United Kingdom (UK).

It came after he presented his case to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

When [UK MP Lod Peter Hain and I] entered this meeting with [Johnson] in the UK, he told us, “my adviser told me it had nothing to do with Bain”. They ‘self-cleansed’ was the word he used and there’s nothing to see and in 30 minutes I was able to present facts, again, that refute all claims of Bath.

Bain & Company whistleblower Athol Williams

York claimed no senior partner was involved in the Sars deal – which Williams disputed.

He further added that Williams’ claim that only junior members of Bain & Company were involved were “half-truths”.

Either they ignore the fact, or he chooses not to reveal the fact that one of their main partners, Tiaan Moolman – [who] was in Johannesburg, now – was also involved with Sars. His face, his name, his bio, is in the Sars proposal.

Bain & Company whistleblower Athol Williams

As such, Williams said the consultancy company’s actions were not a “mistake” but an attack on South African democracy.

They allowed state capture. So, again, this idea of ​​Bain apologizing for mistakes is an insult… These guys are insulting us by diminishing what they’ve done by devastating our public institutions, undermining our democracy and calling it a “mistake”.

Bain & Company whistleblower Athol Williams

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This article first appeared on 702: Bain & Company apology an insult to SA, says whistleblower Athol Williams