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Birmingham event company adapts to employment challenge as demand soars

(WBRC) – Watching live sports, concerts and other events on a screen just doesn’t feel the same as watching them in person, and more and more people are returning to the venues of the event.

Many industries have struggled to find workers, but Bruno Event Team says that for them, the wage increase has done the trick.

From the SEC Baseball Tournament, Regions Golf Tournament and the Honda IndyCar Grab to Barber, people have been returning to the events in droves.

“The turnout exceeded all expectations,” said Gene Hallman, executive director of Bruno Event Team.

Organizing events of this size after the worst of the pandemic took a lot of hands, and Hallman says they solved it the old-fashioned way.

“It’s the old market economy, you have to raise wages to help attract people to some of the jobs you hire on a temporary basis,” he said.

Another method is to give access to the event to volunteers.

“Our labor market exposure is minimal due to the excellent work of volunteers,” he said.

Volunteers can do anything from greeting people at seats, directing traffic and helping clean up.

With different strategies, finding people to work with will ensure that events run smoothly.

“I think you’ll see excitement and excitement when you come back because people have been yearning for that connection,” Hallman said.

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