Boy behind stabbing in downtown claimed it was ‘common’ for teenagers to carry guns

A 14-year-old who stabbed two boys amid shocking scenes near Albert Dock said it was “common” for people his age to carry guns.

The teenager, who stabbed his victims in the buttocks, said the blades would be removed “in case any friction arises.”

His attack led to powerful remarks on the dangers of knife crime by Judge David Aubrey, QC, who told him: “Knives kill. Knives mutilate. Knives hurt. Knives ruin families.”

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The comments came as the boy was locked up for 30 months after admitting two counts of injuries and a single allegation of possession of a knife in a public place.

The charges stem from a brawl on Salthouse Quay on the afternoon of July 23.

Triggered by the victims’ friendship group’s refusal to allow the accused’s associates to play with their football, the incident was captured on CCTV which was shared widely on social media.

This footage showed the accused topless rummaging through his backpack as a member of his group confronted, then punched, one of the victims.

The accused, who like the 15-year-old victims cannot be identified for legal reasons, then stabbed a knife into the two boys amid the chaotic scenes that followed.

The boy later claimed that a friend passed him the knife, which he said he then put in his bag, before the fight.

Jamie Baxter, prosecutor, said of the boy: “He felt gun possession was common among his peer group.”

Liverpool Crown Court have learned that they believe this is the case “in case any friction occurs”.

Both victims received stitches on wounds in their buttocks at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

The extent of those injuries led Judge Aubrey to comment, “It is quite fortunate that every injury, both as regards victims A and B, has thankfully lacked vital nerves. “

The judge heard that the accused struggled to show “any depth of empathy” about his attack and had the false impression that the stab wounds in the buttocks could not be life threatening.

Judge David Aubrey, QC, at Liverpool Crown Court

The boy’s decision to accept the knife he said was given by a friend, put it away and then use it – along with his apparent attitude toward the attack – led to some searing remarks from the boy. Judge Aubrey when he pronounced his sentence.

He told the teenager: “Knives kill. Knives mutilate. Knives injure. Knives ruin families. Mother after mother after mother, a policeman knocks on the door to tell them of the tragic loss of their son. following a knife crime.

“And families are devastated and families are never the same again.

“The same goes for perpetrators of knife crimes who kill. Their families are devastated and lives are ruined.

“Does this seem to have an impact? Unfortunately, on many young people answer: No.

“Does it seem to have an impact, an effect on you?” Answer: No.

“However, you came about this knife, and I’m cynical as to how you were in possession of this knife, you will be sentenced on the grounds that it was given to you by another person. “it was given to you. You put it in your backpack, you weren’t shocked when it was handed to you.

“You made the deliberate decision to put it in your backpack and I’m sure you made it ready to use if the circumstances arose.

“You, in your words, have indicated that it’s common for this in your peer group – to be in possession of knives in case something goes wrong.

“And that’s how an incident happened.”

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