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California Legends Collective and Beastmode Marketing Launch NIL Platform for UC Berkeley Student-Athletes

BERKELEY, Calif., August 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The California Legends Collective announces the launch of CAlegends.com, an NIL platform that provides UC Berkeley student-athletes with name, image and likeness earning opportunities. This platform, created in partnership with Beastmode Marketing, will allow Cal fans, alumni, supporters and brands to browse its Cal athlete-only site to book players and teams for various services. Utilizing proprietary PlayBooked.com technology, the fully personalized and secure online platform also allows the California Legends Collective to manage all aspects of their collective needs in one place.

“We worked hard to create something we could all be proud of,” said Kevin Kennedy, President, Founding Sponsor and Co-Executive Director of California Legends Collective. “It was important to us that this be done the Cal way – in full compliance with NCAA regulations and allowing all of our student-athletes to take full advantage of the vast opportunities presented by attending the No. #1 in the world. We decided the best university in the world deserved the best Collective, and that’s what we created.”

By partnering with Beastmode Marketing, the California Legends Collective has engaged with former Cal running back, NFL star turned entrepreneur Marshawn Lynch. Marshawn Lynch said: “I’m always open to finding ways to help current and future bears, and this is a really special opportunity that I’ve had to push the game on. This partnership is going to be a lot of fun, and it it’s not just about zero money.We’re also focused on education and sharing our experiences to help Cal athletes build financial literacy, stay healthy, build their brand, be a pro and stay in touch with your community.

Kevin Kennedy said: “To have this kind of exclusive connection with a Cal legend and someone who currently runs a major sports and lifestyle brand, and a marketing company is incredible and something that no other school will be able to replicate. “And Marshawn’s industry-leading role in ensuring athletes make smart investment decisions and maximize their personal brands makes him the perfect person to lead our efforts. We’re so grateful to have him. as a partner.

But Marshawn Lynch isn’t the only great Cal involved with the California Legends Collective. Founding members of the Collective’s advisory board include football star DeSean Jackson; Layshia Clarendon, a WNBA star and Cal’s 4th all-time leading scorer; and Val Arioto, the tallest female softball player in Cal. “They are all true legends, and we are so lucky to have them,” said Stephanie Riveraco-director general and one of the founding godmothers of the Collective.

“There’s not a Cal fan, or an NFL fan, who doesn’t know who DeSean Jackson is and doesn’t remember his game for Cal. So, to have his involvement and his unique link with the Southern California football community is amazing.”

Using CAlegends.com, fans can purchase California Legends Collective merchandise, book a live chat or video shoutout with a student-athlete, subscribe to support various teams, or make financial contributions. The site also makes it easy for businesses and charities looking to hire a Cal student-athlete for marketing campaigns or to promote an event. “We wanted to create maximum flexibility for our student-athletes and our fans,” said Kevin Kennedy. “Fans can go to CAlegends.com and choose the Cal team, position group or individual player they wish to financially support. at varying dollar levels and receiving unique perks based on subscription amount. Do you want to watch a Cal football game with Marshawn Lynch? Well, we can do that for you. Fans don’t have to simply log in and select how they wish to participate.”

The mission of the California Legends Collective is always to put the interests of student-athletes first. Stephanie Rivera said: “My husband Ron and I were both student-athletes at Cal, so we know what a platform like this will mean for students. Being a student-athlete at a school like Cal is in itself a full-time job. These students don’t have time for part-time jobs, and with the new NIL regulations, they can now take full advantage of their association with Cal. It was essential for our Collective to enable everything Cal student-athletes, regardless of their sport, to have these opportunities. At Cal, inclusivity and diversity are part of our core values, and we wanted our collective to reflect that.”

About the California Legends Collective
Founded by a dedicated group of UC Berkeley alumni and fans, the California Legends Collective is an independent NIL collective. The CAlegends.com digital platform connects fans, supporters, businesses and charities with the University of California student-athletes while allowing each athlete to monetize their name, image and likeness. We are not officially associated with or sponsored by the University of California at Berkeley. To learn more, visit CAlegends.com.

About Beastmode Marketing
Beastmode Marketing, based in Oakland, Californiais a marketing management agency founded by Marshawn Lynch, Bryon Shengand Kevin Parker. Beast Mode Marketing currently represents the marketing efforts of Lynch, Josh Johnson, Marcus Petersand Najee Harris. Beast Mode is rooted in building brands through authenticity and creativity under the guidance of its athletes. For more information, please visit BeastModeMktg.com or follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @BeastModeMktg.

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SOURCE PlayBooked; California Legends Collective