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Canadian police say they excluded Trudeau from the event for security reasons | world news

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Canadian police said on Wednesday they had banned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from attending a fundraising event for security reasons after protesters with several cars and trucks began gathering outside the website.

Trudeau was scheduled to speak at an event hosted by the ruling Liberal Party in the province of British Columbia on Tuesday. Last year, he had gravel thrown at him during an election campaign stop.

“Due to the size and composition of the protest group and for the safety of everyone present, it has been decided that it is not safe for the Prime Minister to attend,” the Gendarmerie said. Royal of Canada in a press release.

One of the protesters wore a model gallows and noose emblazoned with a slogan accusing Trudeau of treason.

Asked about the incident, Trudeau told reporters earlier Wednesday that attendees had been subjected to harassment, racial slurs and threats of violence.

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“The safety of Canadians who choose to make their voices heard and politics should never be in question as was the case last night and as we increasingly see across the country,” he said. .

Earlier this year, hundreds of truckers occupied downtown Ottawa in what started as a protest against COVID-19 vaccination mandates, but quickly turned into an anti-government protest and anti Trudeau.

Jagmeet Singh, leader of the left-wing Small New Democrats, was shoved and cursed at by protesters in the Ontario town of Peterborough on May 10. His party keeps Trudeau’s minority Liberal government in power.

(Reporting by Ismail Shakil, editing by David Ljunggren and Lincoln Feast.)

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