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Catalina partners with FanAI as live event marketing sponsorships rebound

“Major brands once viewed sports sponsorship as a brand awareness tactic in their marketing arsenal, but with the advent of smart, multi-channel and connected digital devices, televisions and content, brands can now link sponsorship and consumer engagement with offline purchase activity, loyalty and incremental sales,” said Brian Dunphy, SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Catalina. “We’re thrilled that FanAI is leveraging Catalina’s data insights to help CPG brands get the most from their sponsorship investments. Together, we can provide these brands with go-to-market strategies and lifelong execution.” of the marketing mix funnel to drive incremental sales or maximize sales in sluggish markets.”

Added John Abreu, Director of Partnerships at FanAI: “CPG brands play a major role in sports sponsorship today, but such investments must do more than improve visibility. The integration of Catalina’s data on CPG purchases will improve our ability to provide brands and agencies with a more holistic approach and detailed insight into how their referral dollars are performing and how they can be leveraged to drive sales and revenue growth.”

CPG Brand-Specific Benefits Provided by the Catalina-FanAI Partnership

  • Analyze sales ROI across a brand’s portfolio to identify strong and weak markets for a sponsorship, helping to inform renewal value as well as decisions on the allocation of brand spend activate
  • Provide customer distribution and spend insights to support acquisition, retention and/or basket size growth goals
  • Provide insights into the success of a specific activation or ad, providing real-time snapshots of what’s driving the most sales
  • By connecting audience insights from ticket sales, digital behavior, and TV and streaming exposure, with anonymized purchase data from shoppers, marketers can connect real transactions to real audiences to better drive sales and get an accurate view of the ROI generated by their sports sponsorship investments.

Data collection will be
table stakes
for rights holders and their sponsors

Proving ROI and increased sales is critically important for sponsorship rights holders to remain an important part of a brand’s marketing budget.

The proliferation of digital platforms that sports fans can now access to consume content presents both an opportunity for increasingly personalized brand partnerships and new challenges in cross-channel measurement. CPG brands will need data-driven insights and granular cross-channel metrics to validate their investments. This opens up opportunities for referral rights holders to further segment their referral offerings to entice new CPG marketers to refer the channels most relevant to their consumers.

“Expect closer cooperation between rightsholders and sponsors in the future, with data-driven digital fan engagement more crucial than ever. Both parties want to collect as much data as possible to measure the brand engagement and assess key metrics such as brand awareness, purchase intent, and leads. Additionally, they will be able to target specific customer groups both demographically and/or geographically , reaching their audience more effectively and seeing the success of their campaigns. It’s a remarkable metric that I like to call ‘Return on Sponsorship,'” said Dunphy of Catalina.

About Catalina

Catalina is a leader in customer intelligence and highly targeted in-store, TV, radio and digital media that personalize the customer journey. Powered by the world’s richest real-time buyer database, Catalina helps retailers, CPG brands and agencies optimize every step of media planning, execution and measurement to deliver $6.1 billion in consumer value annually. Catalina has no higher priority than ensuring the privacy and security of data entrusted to the company and maintaining consumer trust. Catalina operates in United States, Costa Rica, Europe and Japan. To learn more, visit www.catalina.com or follow us on Twitter @Catalina.

About FanAI

FanAI enables marketers to connect real transactions to real audiences for an accurate view of ROI, through the combination of audience data, such as ticket sales, social data and exposure to television and streaming, with customer purchase data. FanAI also provides media channel segmentation to know where fans are watching targeted sporting events and what fans are spending. Marketers can gain insight into competitors’ sports sponsorship ROI and compare team sponsorships to estimate the potential effectiveness of their purchases. FanAI compares exposure data to customer purchase data for ROI analysis. Brands can also integrate their own first-party sales data into the platform. Analytics enables brands to align their sports sponsorship marketing strategy with business goals, optimize performance and monetize activation to increase sales. For more information, visit www.fan.ai.