Celebrities and their hoarding habits – board games, bugs, knives and model trains

Christopher Biggins admitted to having such a collection of gigantic glasses that he had special drawers built to house them.

The panto favorite and I’m A Celebrity winner, 72, claims that at one point he had nearly 500 pairs.

But he’ll be relieved to know he’s not the only celebrity collector with a habit of hoarding, as Daily Star finds out.

Quentin Tarantino: The Hollywood director loves pop culture and has a penchant for board games.

His favorites include Dawn of the Dead and Universe, which he called “the closest they’ve ever been to an official 2001 game: A Space Odyssey”.

Tarantino organizes his games by genre and once said he’d like to play Platoon with Oliver Stone, who directed the famous Vietnam War movie.

Christopher Biggins said he owned so many pairs of glasses that he had specially designed drawers to store them all.

Claudia Schiffer: The German model is a huge fan of creepy critters and has so many bugs in her collection that she has been dubbed a mini beast museum.

She is particularly fond of spiders and has beetles and butterflies framed on her walls and a large collection of encyclopedias on insects.

In her living room, there is even a huge work of art, made of the bodies of insects – which must surely be off-putting when you watch TV.

Tom hanks
Hollywood star Tom Hanks loves to collect typewriters and apparently owns 120 of them

Tom Hanks: Have you ever wondered how to push the buttons on actor Hanks? Try a typewriter.

The Forrest Gump star has been collecting the laptop’s predecessor since he was a teenager and now has 120 working ones.

He likes that they have only one goal in life and with just a little effort they can accomplish that task.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina would have a large supply of old knives

Angelina Jolie: Not just an onscreen femme fatale, Jolie has broken a few hearts over the years.

But nothing has the power to hurt more than his precious possessions – a collection of antique knives.

Angie’s fascination with blades began when her mother took her to buy daggers when she was just 12 years old.

Peter Jackson: The director of The Lord of the Rings has such a large collection of flying fighter jets from World War I and WWII that he loaned them to a museum in New Zealand for other aviation enthusiasts and fans to enjoy. history can benefit from it.

Ellie Goulding
Singer Ellie Goulding has a weakness for taxidermy and has animal horns on her living room wall

Using its on-screen credentials, high-end set builders, painters and prop specialists have helped create the scenes around airplanes, making them as impressive as stepping on a real movie set.

Ellie Goulding: Although he is vegan, the chart-topper has a penchant for taxidermy. The Love Me Like You Do singer has a dove under a bell and animal horns on her living room wall.

She previously had a stuffed crow, which hung with outstretched wings that frightened guests so much that she shot it down.

Rod stewart
Legendary musician Rod Stewart loves model trains and hopes to buy a full-size steam train

Rod Stewart: Sir Rod entered the list of collectors with his selection of model trains.

When he tours, they accompany him and have their own room so he can tinker with the models.

The Maggie May frontman even said he had the ambition to buy a real full-size steam train.

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