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Charity Event: Swimming Tour from Pomos on April 2

The start of a great adventure!

Julien is a 40-year-old Frenchman who has lived in Cyprus for 10 years with a lot of energy to give towards this beautiful island and the vulnerable groups living there. He will swim about 280 Kilometers, from Pomos to Finikoudes (10-12 Km = 4-5 hours per day) from April 2 to April 30 (estimated). He will sleep in his van which will be driven to the next stage by friends.

The objectives are multiple here: to pursue a personal quest, to help an association close to his heart, to highlight the beauty of Cyprus, to contribute to the friendship between Cyprus and France.

Along the route, events will be organized (beach cleaning and/or special gathering of people in need of assistance) and at the end of the tour, a conference will be organized to raise awareness of climate change, economically disadvantaged groups (including including but not limited to asylum seekers), and the link between these two issues.

Departure from the municipal beach of Pomos for the first stage of the Swim tour (which will end on April 30 in Larnaca). Motivated to pursue his dreams of participating in actions in favor of ecology and supporting the most deprived, Julien decided to challenge himself sportingly while helping a reliable association in its missions: he will cooperate with Generation for Change CY (GFC ) which focuses on supporting vulnerable families and individuals with food, clothing, essential hygiene items and other basic items. GFC implements programs that focus on integration, skills development and empowerment, such as language development and sports programs. In addition, GFC organizes cultural, awareness and advocacy events to promote cross-cultural exchange and raise awareness of social issues.

Official fundraising is now open and available at GoFundMe

The amount raised through the campaign will be directed towards Generation for Change CY’s 2022 Humanitarian Aid Program aimed at providing 1550 support boxes with food, clothing, essential hygiene items and cooking utensils to support people living in difficult circumstances, ie people at risk of poverty, single parents, large families and refugees.

When Saturday April 2 at 7:30 a.m.
Or Pomos village beach