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Chicago-based events company set to resume summer activities

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CHICAGO – Chicago events company said it was “ready to come back and celebrate the community” after city hall asked police and other departments to prepare for possible summer events this year .

For people planning music festivals for a living, the past year has been filled with worries and doubts.

In a typical summer, Michelle Krage’s team at Star Events performs over 20 concerts in Chicago.

“We primarily focus on fundraising for nonprofits,” Krage said.

This fundraising has stopped. This year, the company promises better days are ahead – and that promise can now have a timeline.

The city has asked Chicago’s departments to prepare for a return to some degree of normalcy this summer.

“Obviously our numbers are very good. For example, we are at the lowest number of positivities since the start of this pandemic, I think, and summer is coming to Chicago, ”said Mayor Lightfoot.

Krage is already thinking about precautions in the event of a pandemic.

“We can do it safely if our great city allows us to do it safely, and the mayor, we are ready to come back and celebrate the community and being together,” she said. . “More distance between cabins, find ways to run the sanitation every hour.”

As she keeps her fingers crossed, she has a reason to implement these changes.

StarEvents took out a loan to keep its employees on payroll, received a donation last month from the bottom of the bar stools to stay afloat. Barstool Sports has raised over $ 36 million from its fans to donate to small businesses across the country. The only requirement is that the company needs to keep its payroll active last year as restrictions mounted.

“We just want to make sure you get through this,” founder Dave Portnoy noted in a FaceTime video with StarEvents.

Krage says the vendors she works with and the nonprofits her company has supported over its 25 years in business are counting on StarEvents returning.

“When we come back, I hope we can keep paying the next one as well,” Krage said.