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Christmas organizer Robert Currie’s pipes to receive National Tartan Day award


Summit’s Robert “Bob” Currie – who organizes the annual Pipes of Christmas concerts in Summit and New York – will receive the 2022 National Tartan Day award for outstanding leadership in the Scottish American community.

Currie, who runs the international family society The Learned Kindred of Currie and holds the title of Commander in Currie’s Name and Arms – and is also a member of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs – will receive the award at a ceremony in Alexandria, Va. ., April 5.

“We were unanimous in our choice of winner,” Scottish Coalition USA said in a press release. “Bob Currie has dedicated more than 30 years to supporting and promoting Scottish-American culture in the United States, from the development of the exceptional Tartan Week festival over the past 20 years to Ellis Island each year during Tartan Week to the production of the Pipes of Christmas concerts, both are now recognized as the main events in the annual calendar of the Scottish American Diaspora.

“This, combined with Bob’s tireless work on behalf of the learned Currie family and the promotion of Gaelic culture, makes him an outstanding recipient.”

The Learned Kindred of Currie organization has distributed thousands of dollars in scholarships to students in the United States, Scotland, and Canada; and is the title sponsor of the US National Scottish Harp Championship.

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