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City OK’s new event organizer | News

The Paducah City Commission held the first reading of a consensus annexation Tuesday night, hosted Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, and approved an agreement for a new nonprofit to take over management of the city. previous operator’s Barbecue on the River event.

Commissioners approved a deal for $25,000 in funding and promotional support for Beautiful Paducah, the nonprofit that acquired the assets and liabilities of the previous entity.

Commissioners introduced an annexation for 5250 and 5266 U.S. Highway 60 West, approximately 1.5 acres with a Sonic Drive-in and Taco John’s, for tax reimbursement and sanitation collection incentives. The Paducah Planning Commission will vote on a freeway business rezoning.

Mayor George Bray called the recent assertion of local annexation “tough stuff.”

“I’ve spoken to a lot of other mayors who are going through the same thing, and I’m focusing on the whole community, including the county,” Bray said. “I think we need to (expand) our vision a bit in how we approach this going forward.”

The commissioners introduced $3 million for the Barkley Regional Airport new terminal project and a reduction of $463,000 for a contract to build anti-flood flap valves.

“This is a mitigation effort for an area of ​​the city that floods quite frequently,” Paducah City Engineer Rick Murphy said, explaining that the project would significantly reduce said flooding.

An ordinance introduced allocates $600,000 for the improvement of city facilities. Bray spoke about the need for a rainy day fund – something he found lacking.

“The intention here is to get ahead of the maintenance of the business and go further,” Bray said. “If we need to replace a (vital) building, we won’t wring our hands…the process to get started is important and will take a number of years, but it will make a huge difference.”

At the start of the meeting, Bray greeted Adams. Before presenting him with a Duke of Paducah award, he thanked Adams for his efforts in electoral reform, “making voting easy and hard to cheat”, calling him a guide in an often acrimonious political landscape.

Adams discussed House Bill 564 — signed by Gov. Andy Beshear on April 7 — which will expand the voting window for future elections.

“We would be furious if the Department of Motor Vehicles was only open one day a week; we also need higher expectations for our public process,” Adams said.

• Commissioners read a $1.9 million contract for the Buckner Lane Bridge Replacement Project, including $1.7 from American Rescue Plan Act funding.

• Commissioners read a $48,000 contract amendment for a 24th and 25th Street South improvement project.

• Adopted zoning enactment amendment includes simplified submission process for developers, lower size requirement for planned units, and proposed cryptocurrency mining in commercial zones for buildings under 105,000 feet squares.

• McCracken County Coroner Amanda Melton praised local law enforcement officers for the kind public relations they have cultivated, often in times of strain.