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Collingwood Events Company brings you events

BARRIE, ONT. – Two local entrepreneurs offer a new service specially designed to fill a void created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amy Milne and Amanda Jerome launched “The Pop-Up Event Company” near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With many venues forced to shut down or operate with limited indoor capacity, which would last for much of the coming year, business partners wanted to make sure those who wanted to celebrate critical milestones had a way to do so. .

“My business partner and I were talking about building a bigger event business, which really wasn’t going to work during a pandemic,” said Milne, who is the company’s EWC or chief events expert. “So we decided to do it! We wanted to make sure that people always had the opportunity to do the things and celebrate the things in life that really matter the most.”

The Pop-Up Event Company uses a boutique-style trailer to organize professionally organized events at safe outdoor gatherings. The trailer doubles as a popular photo opportunity for any event.

“Our inspiration comes from nature, from people, from magazines, from love, from excitement, from passion, from celebration, it comes from wherever we can find it,” said Milne. “My business partner and I are incredibly passionate about events, so we are each other’s inspiration! “

With restrictions still in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Milne says it’s important to stay optimistic and not let challenges spoil the moment. With so much nature in Ontario, she goes so far as to say that the idea of ​​a destination wedding can be adapted to take advantage of the beautiful scenery of the province.

“In these difficult times, it can be very difficult to plan a wedding,” Milne said. “However, we really believe that if you go in with a Plan A and a Plan B and go with the flow, it will be as beautiful as you thought it would be and maybe even better.”