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Convoy organizer Lich will spend at least 5 more nights in police custody

Ottawa protest organizer Tamara Lich will spend at least five more nights in Ottawa custody after being arrested in Alberta for allegedly breaching bail conditions.

Lich appeared in Ottawa court Thursday via video link from the Ottawa police station on the new charge. A one-day bail hearing is scheduled for next Tuesday.

The Crown alleges Lich breached a bail condition that barred him from communicating with 10 other people involved in the Freedom Convoy that occupied Ottawa earlier this year – including Tom Marazzo, a spokesman at the protests – unless she is not in the presence of her lawyer.

She was pictured with Marazzo at a “Freedom Award” gala in Toronto on June 16. The Crown says video posted to Facebook shows she also sat at Marazzo’s table after speaking at the event.

“After Lich receives her award and returns to her table, Lich can be observed speaking to Tom Marazzo,” according to the prosecution’s summary of the charges that was filed in court Thursday.

“Also, during the evening, Lich and Marazzo and others posed for a photo together, with Lich and Marazzo next to each other, arm in arm.”

The Crown documents include a link to a video on Facebook which allegedly shows “there is also communication. She seems to be whispering something in his ear.

The awards gala was hosted by the Edmonton-based Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom, a charity that advocates against COVID-19 mandates.

The defense has waived reading the charge in court, so we cannot yet describe the alleged breach of conditions.

—Glen McGregor (@glen_mcgregor)
June 30, 2022

JCCF attorney Keith Wilson represented Lich and other defendants in a civil action against the protest, filed on behalf of downtown residents and businesses.

Wilson said on social media that week that Lich had not breached her terms because JCCF attorneys were present at the event when she was photographed with Marazzo, who unsuccessfully showed up for the Party of Ontario in the provincial election this month.

Lich was first arrested in Ottawa in February. She is jointly charged with another protest organizer, Chris Barber, with mischief, counseling to intimidate, obstructing police and counseling to obstruct police.

His original bail conditions prohibited him from traveling to Ontario while awaiting trial, but, at his request, the court changed those conditions in May to allow him to attend the gala and travel around the province.

Lich’s terms also require him not to organize or promote any protests related to COVID-19 or the Freedom Convoy.

A summary of documents produced by the Crown also cites Lich’s speech at the gala.

“She indicated that the circumstances she suffered after her arrest will not be unique,” the summary states, “unless ‘we’ don’t stand up with our backs straight, heels firmly in place, and come together to uphold our Charter of Rights and Freedoms”. .'”