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The director of a security company has appeared in court after a member of his staff tried to use a fake license to undertake work at the Isle of Wight Festival last year.

The lawsuit was brought against Ratu Baleidraulu, director of Islanders Protection Security Services Ltd, by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) following an investigation into an attempt to use a counterfeit license.

At last September’s event in Newport, the main security contractor, Main Event Security Services, brought in several contractors to provide additional security. It was the day before the festival kicked off that the security company carried out checks to ensure that the security guards deployed were legally authorized to work on the festival. During this process, they discovered a counterfeit license.

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Checks revealed that the license was valid but belonged to someone else and the company concluded that the license was counterfeit. The permit was retained and an unknown person was escorted off the site. Later that day, a regional SIA investigator performed a routine inspection and Main Event Security handed them the counterfeit license.

The case was referred to the SIA Criminal Investigation Team who opened an investigation and it was confirmed that the license was indeed a forgery. Main Event Security Services Ltd provided the SIA Criminal Investigation Team with information confirming that Islanders Protection Security Services Ltd was responsible for the deployment of the unknown man carrying the forged permit.

Baleidraulu failed to provide the required information to the SIA upon request and legal action was taken against him and his company Islanders Protection Security Services Ltd.

The person who held the legitimate license confirmed that they had not worked at the Isle of Wight festival.

Ratu Baleidraulu, director of Aylesbury-based Islanders Protection Security Services Lt, was fined £300 and ordered to pay £1,624 in court costs and a victim fine surcharge of £34. The company was also fined £250, ordered to pay £800 in court costs and another victim surcharge of £34.

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Mark Chapman, head of criminal investigations at the SIA, said:

“The protection of the public at high-level festivals is paramount. Main Event Security Services Ltd have done exactly what is expected of a licensed contractor, identifying and rejecting a suspicious license through sound due diligence.

“Islander Security put the public at risk by providing a person who was not fit and proper and had not completed the required training to protect the public.

“Baleidraulu has now had his close protection license suspended and he and his company have faced significant fines and criminal records. He was also not a director of a company for long and was the subject of legal proceedings.

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