Event marketing

Cramer breaks new ground with Titler Live 4 Broadcast — event marketing edition.

Meet Cramer.

To screw up is Boston’s leading event and content marketing agency with clients including BOSE, Fidelity, IBM and ThermoFisher Scientific. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of Cramer’s event work has been virtual or hybrid. They have grown rapidly as they have been working in the online event space for over 20 years.

How is Cramer configured to produce virtual events?

In figures, the Cramer studio is equipped with a communication center that can manage up to 60 simultaneous video remote controls; six video suites; five distribution boards; four audio suites; and two sound scenes. They also have an in-house multidisciplinary team of experts in design, engineering, technology, video, writing and strategy to produce broadcast quality events.

How does Cramer use Titler Live 4 Broadcast in its clients’ work?

Cramer has installed Titler Live 4 Broadcast in its four broadcast hubs as basic software for the airwaves. They use seven licenses per day, mainly for the advanced lower thirds for speaker identification and typography. Some licenses are used by their graphic design team to create and approve motion graphics before going to the production team.

What does Cramer love most about working with Titler Live 4 Broadcast?

NewBlue’s Titler Live 4 Broadcast streamlines Cramer’s workflow to get it done faster. The software gives them the flexibility and accessibility to create dynamic graphics without calling on their animation team. It also allows them to make graphic changes on the fly.

“Making adjustments is essential in our industry. Last minute changes such as fonts or logos are very common. Titler Live 4 Broadcast simplifies this process of integrating customer branding demands such as colors, fonts and images. –Eric Girard, Senior Technical Director, Cramer

What other software and hardware does Cramer use with Titler Live 4 Broadcast?

Cramer uses stream decks, the Blackmagic ATEM Constellation and Companion software with Titler Live 4 Broadcast. A stream platform is dedicated to their NewBlue shooting graphics. The team also links everything to Excel spreadsheets. They create template spreadsheets to send to their clients to fill in titles, names, etc. desired. Titler Live 4 Broadcast helps mitigate grammar errors and simplifies the data-driven graphics process for the team.