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Creativise Events help orchestrate Penrith’s Jubilee event

An events company has been recruited by Penrith City Council to help orchestrate the town’s celebrations of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Penrith town center will be turned into a party with the help of Creativise Events on Saturday 4th June.

Annabel Candler, Founder of Creativise, said: “If every business and group in Penrith got involved in an event like this, imagine the atmosphere and community spirit.

“We want to create an inclusive community event that honors the Queen’s awesome reign while showcasing what our region does best. I try to share this opportunity with every business, artist, charity and community group around the world. hope we highlight what is here.

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“Let’s show off the fabulous and creative and inspire guests to walk around and explore the city,” she said.

The event seeks to have local bands and artists in various downtown neighborhoods, as well as crafts and activities for every generation.

Organizations such as Soroptimists, EVAN and Penrith Library have taken part in the festivities so far.
Exciting interactivity will be offered, such as cartoonists, QR code walkthroughs, poetry and seed planting, to name a few.

“I have been involved in many wonderful events over the years and love to bring as many people as possible to enjoy. Not only does it make for a varied day, but it helps showcase their wonderful efforts and skills to others. ‘an engaged and optimistic audience,’ she said.

This event is looking for anyone with a special offer, fundraiser, food or picnic promotion or live show to get in touch with Annabel who will help you get the most out of it. part of the experience, but you must be in touch before April, 14.

To participate, contact Annabel at: [email protected]

Creativise Events and Penrith City Council will announce a full calendar of exciting events coming soon.

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