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Cry-Day organizer sends message: ‘It’s OK not to be OK’ | Local News

It’s OK not to be OK. That’s the message God’s Favorite Chick Presents Cry-Day 2022 event organizer Joell’e Brawley wants people to know when it comes to mental health. She said recognizing the problem is the first step to fixing it.

“It’s okay not to be okay, you don’t have to take on this thing called life on your own,” Brawley said.

Brawley said she became more aware of mental health issues when her daughter started struggling. She said that as she researched more information on the subject, she realized that the pre-adolescent years were often when young women could show symptoms.

We see more and more young people taking care of it, and personally with my daughter,… it came out of nowhere. We don’t understand how hereditary or genetic it is, things can go well and then out of the blue…” Brawley said. And it’s not often brought up, especially in the black community, not brought to the forefront, but it comes out more as an issue that people talk about.

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“But it’s more than a day or a month, it’s a 365-day-a-year problem.”

That’s why she’s hosting the Cry-Day event for this Saturday at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Statesville, which is open to everyone.

She said that in addition to praying for other groups with mental health information and resources, there will be speakers, music and, most importantly, people who support each other.

Chan Austin of the Statesville Police Department will also be on hand to serve hot dogs at the event, while the department and other vendors will also share information.

Brawley said she hopes people will recognize their own mental health issues or those of others and, like any other health issue, seek treatment if needed or find ways to manage it in their own lives.

“There are resources and programs out there; you can talk to a doctor or therapist about it. Or even something like taking care of yourself by going to the gym. … Talking about it is the gateway to getting help.

She said that as a Christian she said it was important to address the issue, pray about it and ultimately create positive change for people.

“Why not turn the situation around and let God have the glory? Brawley said. “Prayer helps, throws her anxiety, to come to terms with and relieve us, we don’t have to do it on our own.”

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