Doctors find kilo of nails, screws and knives in man’s stomach

Wia dis foto comes from, TASS via Getty Images

Wetin we call say foto,

Nuts and bolts. Photo file

Doctors remove more than a kilogram of nails, screws, nuts and knives from the stomach of a Lithuanian.

Dis na according to local media reports.

Im bin don dey swallowing metal objects for a month after quitting alcohol, tok doctors.

Some of the items we received from doctors come from a tummy tuck surgery for a 10cm-long university hospital in Klaipeda, according to Lithuanian public broadcaster LRT.

Surgeon Sarunas Dailidenas calls me “unique case”.

According to the doctor, usually around 80 percent. foreign bodies wey enta human body dey comot naturally.

But for cases, about 10-20% of metal objects are made of a tube.

Dem tok says pipo wit dis kain if need to do surgery.

The doctor who performed the surgery said, “The amount of these foreign bodies is unique.

We are also performing the operation because we have clinical suspicions that not all foreign bodies in dia puncture or, in other words, tear the stomach. “

Di emergency operation takes three hours.

Dem bin brings a man for an indoor ambulance with severe abdominal pain to the hospital on the Baltic Sea coast.

Now report di man don dey for stable condition, and dem dey monitor am for Klaipeda University Hospital.

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