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Drone Racing League is now an FAA Accredited UAS Event Organizer

Exciting news coming from the Drone Racing League (DRL) today. The Federal Aviation Administration has accredited DRL as the premier organizer of UAS events. In addition, DRL will also participate in the FAA’s Safety Plan Partner (PSP) program to help the agency establish standardized safety protocols that all individuals and organizations would be required to follow during drone demonstrations, air shows, exhibitions and events in front of a live audience.

Essentially NYC Headquarters DRL will be the FAA’s right arm in evaluating drone security procedures and technology – helping the agency develop and implement official drone event security guidelines in the United States and educating the drone community on drone safety.

DRL says this FAA accreditation, the first of its kind, is a nod to the safety leadership that professional drone racing ownership has consistently displayed. In 2016, DRL worked with the White House Office of Science and Technology (OSTP) to develop, standardize, and share drone racing safety protocols with the community. More recently, the league became a member of the Commercial Drone Alliance, an organization focused on advancing the safe and responsible integration of drones.

Additionally, during its high-speed drone races – which often take place in public spaces such as stadiums, monuments and museums – DRL adheres to strict safety protocols. These include engineering controls to terminate mid-flight drones; nets to protect pilots, crew and fans from drones; and course closures to ensure no one is near the drones while they are in the air.

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Fans can expect the same safety process to be followed at the upcoming DRL Vegas Championship Race. Culminating the 2021-22 DRL World Championship season, the live event will take place outside the T-Mobile Arena on the Las Vegas Strip on January 5, 2022.

DRL has also been known to promote drone safety through various channels, including digital content and game integrations. For example, the United States Air Force FPV 101 DRL video series on Twitter not only introduces fans to the world of drone racing, but also provides safety tips and tricks. Meanwhile, the DRL SIM game comes with an in-depth flight training module, teaching players how to safely improve their drone skills.

The league has also supported FAA drone safety awareness initiatives, speaking on panels and promoting national drone operating rules to inspire flight safety within the drone industry.

As DRL COO Ashley Ellefson summarizes:

We look forward to sharing our expertise in drone event safety more widely with the industry and continuing to work with venue organizers to deliver safe and spectacular drone racing experiences across the most unique spaces and the most amazing.

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