Dune: 10 interesting facts you should know about the Fremen

that of Frank Herbert Dune the universe is widely recognized as a landmark in 20th century science fiction, and his 1965 novel Dune kicked off the entire franchise, later inspiring director David Lynch in 1984 Dune film and much later, 2021 from director Denis Villeneuve Dune. Frank Herbert imagined a wide variety of people living in this remote setting, including the Fremen.

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New fans of Dune the universe will meet the Fremen in the new Dune movie, and while it’s easy to understand the role of the Fremen Group in the story, there are still many more hidden details of these people waiting to be discovered, and the biggest Dune the universe explores them in depth. What else should Dune newcomers know the Fremen people?

Warning: Dune spoilers to come.

ten The Fremen were vagabonds

It’s tempting to think that the Fremen have always been on Dune, but they are perfectly human and all of humanity is originally from Earth itself. Long ago in Dune, there was a group of people known as the Zensunni Wanderers, and they eventually stumbled upon the desert world Arrakis, or Dune.

The Zensunni Wanderers settled on this dry world and made it their own, and they had little to no contact with the rest of humanity for a long time. They continued to live there for thousands of years until the main events of Dune.

9 The Fremen walk in unusual ways

The open desert of Dune presents more dangers than pure heat and drought. This world is also home to the terrifying Sandsworms, titanic creatures that usually live under shifting dunes, unless something bothers them. In particular, sand worms are attracted to regular patterned vibrations, such as footsteps.

The Fremen have long found ways to walk around without attracting sandworms, and in the open desert, they will walk irregularly that mimic the natural movement of rocks and sand, to blend in with the surroundings. Thus, Fremen never accidentally attracts sand worms.

8 Fremen can use sand worms as mounts

towards the sands in the dunes

A newcomer to Dune would be convinced that the enormous sandworms are impossible to tame or control, let alone kept as pets. For the most part, sandworms are indeed impossible to tame or handle, but the Fremen have found ways to use sandworms to their advantage.

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Fremen will intentionally attract a worm, then use large hooks and ropes to separate his veneer and expose the internal flesh. This forces the worm to stay on the surface to avoid damaging its flesh with sand, and the Fremen will then climb onto the worm and direct it with these hooks. It is actually a rite of passage to do so.

7 The Fremen love all spices

The Spice Melange is the most valuable and remarkable resource overall Dune universe, and it can only be found on Dune itself, mixed in the desert sands all over the planet. The Fremen are well acquainted with the spice and its many properties, and cannot help but binge on it.

The Fremen use the spice more than anyone else, and they don’t have to pay anyone to acquire it either. Most Fremen are known to have the trademark bright blue eyes of a spice junkie, including the Fremen Paul Atreides to see in the 2021 Dune movie.

6 Fremen has water in common

Fremen in the dunes

The Fremen culture and society have adapted to the harsh nature of their chosen home, including their attitude towards water. As expected, the Fremen go to great lengths to find and conserve water wherever they can, and they have developed societal standards based on this.

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The Fremen believe that a person’s flesh is theirs, but their water belongs to the tribe, and a dead Fremen will have his water taken from his body. In fact, some Fremen will wear metal rings to show how much water they are entitled to, and water is considered wealth. Paul will meet some Fremen who carry water rings, an entirely new concept for him.

5 The Fremen are elite fighters

In the Dune universe, very few people use firearms, instead favoring swords, knives, dart throwers and especially martial arts to fight their enemies. Some groups have some really advanced fighters, like the Sardaukar Corps of the Imperium, and certainly the Bene Gesserit witches.

The Fremen beat them all. These people lead difficult and pragmatic lives, so they are trained mentally and physically to be the fiercest and best fighters in the world. Paul will hear of children and the elderly Fremen beating Sardaukar’s elite troops in combat.

4 The Fremen plan to terraform the dune

dune landscape

Dune has been a desert world for a long time, but it hasn’t always been so, and the Fremen plan to turn Dune into a green world one day. For generations, they have accumulated water in vast underground reservoirs, but the time has not yet come to transform their homes.

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The Fremen are keeping this secret well kept, but they could trust Paul and his mother Jessica with this information, and the Fremen hope Paul can help them terraform Dune and achieve their biggest dream. Planetologist Liet Kynes, meanwhile, is sure Dune has enough water for this to happen.

3 The Fremen make special knives

dune fremen

The Fremen can defeat almost any enemy with their bare hands, but they also have access to unique weapons and items, such as knives. In the Dune universe, swords and knives are popular, and the Fremen in particular make crysknives. These are not only weapons, but also ceremonial relics.

Crysknife blades are not made of metal. They are made from sandworm teeth, and acquiring a sandworm tooth is no small feat. Crysknives can shatter, but they’re still valuable and deadly, and the Fremen have a rule: Once a crysknife is pulled, it must draw blood before being sheathed again.

2 Fremen fights to the death

The Fremen are used to a tough lifestyle, and they don’t flinch in the face of danger and death. They are not afraid to fight the Harkonnens and other enemies, and even when the Fremen do fight each other, death is still present.

If two Fremen have a serious disagreement, they can fight it in a ritualized battle with cryogenic knives, and a winner will not be declared until the loser is killed. Anyone who fights a Fremen better be prepared to finish the job, as the Fremen do not offer or accept invitations to cede the match.

1 The Fremen are divided into camps called Sietches

The Fremen have a lot in common, from their water-conserving suits to their warrior culture and affinity for the spice. But they don’t live in a big city. Instead, the Fremen are scattered across a large number of camps all over the planet, and each camp is called a Sietch.

A Sietch can have a few dozen or a few hundred members, and the leader, usually a man, is known as Naib. In Dune, Paul and his parents will meet a Naib named Stilgar, who is an ally of the Atreids. Stilgar and Chani (played by actress Zendaya) will help Paul learn more about the Fremen culture and act as ambassadors.

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