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Event marketing company Splash opens Seattle office run by former Tableau employees

Splash office in Seattle. (Splatter photo)

Splash has joined the ever-growing ranks of technology companies from around the world moving to Seattle to take advantage of the region’s rich talent pool.

All but one of the six people working in the event marketing firm’s new Seattle office come from Tableau Software. They didn’t have to go far for their new gigs as Splash’s office at 3417 Evanston Ave. N. in the Fremont neighborhood is just a few blocks from Tableau’s corporate headquarters.

Amy Barone, Chief Strategy Officer. (Splatter photo)

“We’re building a platform for a new era of event marketing, which is all about empowering companies to scale event programs quickly,” said Amy Barone, chief strategy officer at Splash and former chief marketing officer. marketing events and engagement programs for Tableau. “When we think about developing disruptive technologies and cultivating new markets, Seattle is an obvious place to grow.”

Tableau is also one of Splash’s customers. Just like Zillow, Expedia, Facebook, Uber and many more.

Splash plans to double its workforce in Seattle in 2020. The company employs a total of 178 people worldwide, and Splash expects that number to approach 200 by the end of the year.

With its new Seattle office, Splash joins tech giants like Google, Facebook, Uber and more than 100 hundred others that have opened engineering centers in the region. A recent study ranked Seattle the second-largest tech hub in North America, with its tech talent pool earning the top spot.

“We know Seattle has the talent density we need to be innovative, thoughtful and fast,” Barone said. “Because we’re building a platform for scale, some of our biggest customers are the big, forward-thinking companies headquartered in Seattle. We’re excited to be closer to them and share Splash with more of Seattle’s awesome businesses.