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It was almost the norm for major events in 2020 to be canceled, but high hopes seek to avoid the same this year, with regatta organizers becoming experts on evolving COVID-19 regulations.

the 2021 505 World Championship are planned for Bermuda, and while event marketing might normally focus on the pink sand beaches and epic sailing on the Great Sound, this update takes a different approach:

Bermuda suffered the perfect COVID storm in April. The combination of the British variant spreading among schoolchildren and some illegal house parties has caused infections to take off. One party alone accounted for over 80 new cases. The Bermuda government responded by imposing a stay-at-home order for 1 week and followed by a no-mixing household order for 3 weeks.

This, along with continued progress with vaccinations, has had excellent results. The seven-day average of new infections has fallen to 7. Out of a population of 64,000, this puts us at 109 / million, about 1/3 less than in the United States, 1/2 of Germany but behind the United Kingdom. Bermuda is now reverting to the rules it followed earlier in the year and life is more or less normal.

Currently, 39% of the total population is fully vaccinated, 51% have received at least one dose. Thus, 62% of the eligible population received at least one dose. As in other countries, the vaccination rate is slowing due to reluctance to get vaccinated rather than the availability of supplies. Significant efforts are underway to get more people to get vaccinated.

Bermuda was quick to impose tests before and after arriving on the island last summer. As of June 6, allowances will be given to vaccinated travelers, freeing them from a significant quarantine. COVID testing will still be required prior to departure, again upon arrival, day 4, day 7, day 14. The testing station is one block from the club and the health department has worked very well with the club to make sure the schedule is not a problem.

Thus, we can announce a happy conclusion and anticipate a fantastic event in October for the vaccinated competitors. Likewise, we encourage you, as well as other people likely to join us, to start a registration file if you have not already done so. No payment is necessary at this stage.