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Event organizer says lack of security behind Carver Park shooting

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) – According to DeLionel Lighting, a community events coordinator, an event in Carver Park a few days ago took a catastrophic turn and resulted in the death of close friend Andrea, 44. Ellis. According to Lightning, he tried to prevent something like this from happening. He told News Leader 9 he hired five sheriff’s deputies on safety leave, but only three showed up.

“I know they started shooting. They shot each other for at least 10 minutes with three policemen there. They didn’t even face them. The guys got in the car. They’re gone, ”Lightning said. “The first officer showed up an hour and a half late. The other officer was three hours late. And then it’s not the number of officers that I paid on which we agreed.

It’s also important to point out, Muscogee County Sheriff Greg Countryman said he felt the event was meant to be a back-to-school event for the kids, highlighting the bottles of empty alcohol and the activities taking place in a video of the event. provided to News Leader 9.

“Someone saw something, but no one said anything. No mistakes were made. It was a part-time job that had nothing to do with the sheriff’s office, ”Countryman said. “If you look at what was there. You wonder if this sounds like a back to school event. It’s easy to take it out on someone else, but if you want to force it on someone else, you have to be right yourself.

According to Muscogee County Sheriff Greg Countryman, Lightning has not filed a formal complaint with the sheriff’s office. The incident is still under investigation.

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