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Exclusive: Jacques Cameron launches studio and production company Legacy Artists

Actor Jacques Cameron has launched a new independent entertainment studio and production company called Legacy Artists to develop, package, finance, produce and distribute movies, TV series and more.

Cameron will serve as CEO, producer and star of films for the new studio, which will be based at Century Plaza Towers in Santa Monica.

The new company’s first feature film is called Metamorphosis and is slated for a US release in 2024.

In addition to movies and television series, the company will also produce and develop licensed music, games and consumer products, as well as new entertainment products, services and technologies for movie theatres, resort parks, venues. live events, social platforms and consumer electronics. .

“The vision is to provide audiences with thrilling and immersive experiences that leave an indelible mark that will last,” said Cameron, who is an actor and a founding supporter of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures.

Legacy Artists said in a statement that it has “a treasure trove of intellectual property with which to create iconic and legendary stories” and is committed to the exclusive theatrical release window for projects managed by the company, incorporating experience traditional filmmaking in its strategy.