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Food Truck Event Organizer Announces Cancellation of Food Truck Rallies in Oak Ridge

The Chief’s Workshop said Thursday that they learned they would have to follow too many mandates in a short time, two days after the launch event in Oak Ridge.

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. — An organization that helps create food truck rallies in towns across eastern Tennessee announced Thursday that there will be no more rallies in Oak Ridge.

The chef’s workshop was created to support food truck owners in a variety of ways. One of the main ways they help out is by hosting food truck rallies. They also run a Food Truck Hub where owners can use a prep kitchen, refrigerated space, and other kinds of necessities.

They planned to hold routine food truck rallies in Oak Ridge. However, two days after the launch event, they said they learned they would have to cancel the rallies.

Oak Ridge has some peculiarities requirements for food truck businesses before being able to operate in the city. For example, if they are operated from a person’s home, they must submit a home occupancy application before they can obtain a business license.

In an administrative memo sent to the event organizer, the city said it was working on an ordinance to crack down on food trucks. In the meantime, they said staff have been reviewing permit processes to find a way to allow food trucks to continue operating while keeping people safe. They sent a list of guidelines to follow until an order is active. Some are listed below.

  • Food trucks operating on city property would need to go through the Recreation and Parks Department’s Special Event Permit process, and food trucks would need an inspection before operating.
  • If food trucks on private property are not staying overnight, they will not need a temporary use permit.
  • Food trucks parked overnight on private property will require a temporary use permit with a 90 day operating limit.
  • Food trucks will be required to follow the fire code and must be inspected at least 3 days prior to an event. They said the Bureau of Fire Prevention would accept inspections from other jurisdictions that have the same fire code, such as Knoxville, Clinton, Farragut and Maryville.

The city said it hopes to have an ordinance governing food trucks within the next few months. They said the first few weeks in town went well with a lot of interest, but the seller felt the fire safety requirement was excessive.

“The International Fire Code, as adopted by the City of Oak Ridge, is designed to prevent tragedies such as those that have occurred with these vehicles across the country. Violations of these standards cannot be ignored because they put public safety at risk,” city leaders said. said.

They said they worked with food truck owners to conduct inspections, allowing them to participate in the event. Three failures occurred the first week, they said, but all seven food trucks passed the following week.

The chief’s workshop said on social media that they spent about two months organizing the rallies and worked closely with members of the city council throughout the process. However, on Thursday, they said they received the memo regarding “the temporary accommodation of the food truck operation in the City of Oak Ridge.”

They released a statement about the memo on social media. A part is available below.

“We have advised the city that it is impossible to comply with all of the mandates of this memorandum within the timeframes provided and that I must respectfully cancel all food truck rallies in Oak Ridge until the city Oak Ridge could pass a food truck ordinance.’ Subsequent negotiations fell through.

Please know that our decision to cancel the gatherings in Oak Ridge was not made in haste. My team spent several hours reviewing and debating all possible ways to comply in order to avoid this conclusion.”

They also said they would continue to hold rallies in Clinton, Farragut, Dixie Lee, Lenoir City and Seymour.

The next event is scheduled between 5 and 8 p.m. in Clinton.

To: Foodie Friends of Oak Ridge We regret to inform you that ALL FUTURE FOOD TRUCK RALLIES at Oak Ridge have been…

posted by The chef’s workshop on Thursday, August 11, 2022