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Freedom Convoy organizer James Bauder announces plans for a large convoy to Victoria to fight vaccine mandates

Residents of Victoria may want to brace themselves for heavy truckloads of trucks arriving in their city on March 14 to protest vaccination mandates.

“We’re going to occupy this area for two to three months,” organizer James Bauder said on Rumble from Mattawa, Ont. “It’s a very intense, deep-rooted NDP-Liberal stronghold there. And they’ve been around for far too long.”

He expects 500 to 1,000 vehicles to travel from Surrey to Victoria for what he has dubbed “Bearhug BC” and “Bearhug II”.

BC Ferries requires passengers to wear masks on board its ships.

Bauder is the founder of Canada Unity and was one of the organizers of the Freeedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa.

Now he is targeting Victoria because British Columbia is one of the provinces that still requires people to wear masks in indoor spaces. He said the event will be funded through social media by Canadians and Americans.

The plan is “multiple rolling convoys”, between 100 and 200 in size over a period of two to three months. People will register for individual events.

“It’s time we got out there and showed them what the laws are. And not your opinions, folks,” Bauder said. “There are so many laws that our government has violated. The media supports the violation of those laws – and society needs to start getting back to the right side of the law and defending itself legally, via lawsuits.”

He insisted that “everything we do will be 100% legal”.

“We will not blockade anything,” Bauder promised. “We won’t make any occupation moves or anything like that.”

In his social media post, Bauder said the convoy to Victoria will begin in Thunder Bay on Monday (March 7). From there it will travel west with scheduled stops in Dryden, Ontario, Winnipeg, Moose Jaw, Calgary, Kamloops and Surrey before heading to Victoria.

According to Bauder, there are already seven semi-finals underway. He also said there would be 16,000 burgers in Bearhug BC

“Canada, we really need to support BC right now,” Bauder told supporters. “It is one of the hardest hit provinces.”

In January, Unity Canada released a memorandum of understanding calling on the Senate and the Governor General to peacefully overthrow the Trudeau government. Bauder and his wife Sandra were two of the three “authorized” signatories.

The MOU also called on the Senate and the Governor General to agree to “cease and desist from all unconstitutional, discriminatory and segregationist actions and violations of human rights.”

The occupation of downtown Ottawa ended after the Trudeau government invoked the Emergencies Act. Large numbers of police then evacuated the protest after more than three weeks.

While the Emergencies Act was being debated in the Senate, the Trudeau government decided to withdraw this measure.