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Frost will sponsor the event plaza on the Spurs North West side campus

Frost Bank has secured the naming rights for a $500 million on-campus event spot on the northwest side of Spurs Sports & Entertainment, making it the organization’s first partner in the project.

The 45-acre campus at the northwest corner of Interstate 10 and the 1604 loop will also include a state-of-the-art Spurs training center, research facility, 22-acre public park and an office, reception and medical space. .

Hospitality Alliance, a consulting and management group with offices in Dallas, Las Vegas and New York, is creating programming for the square that will include concerts, fitness classes, community events and watch parties.

The naming rights are part of an expanded deal between Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc., the parent company of Frost Bank in San Antonio, and the Spurs.

In an announcement Thursday, SS&E said Frost was its longest-serving partner and bank.

In 1973, Tom C. Frost provided the financing to move the franchise to San Antonio. Frost became Spurs’ first shirt sponsor in 2018.

“Frost is delighted to continue to work alongside Spurs to strengthen and grow our community, especially as Spurs head into their 50th anniversary and we celebrate the role Frost has played in pivotal moments in the history of team,” said Frost President and CEO Phil Green. .

The deal includes the Frost brand at the AT&T Center, on digital channels and in radio and television ads, as well as the Austin Spurs and San Antonio FC franchises.

“Frost will work closely with Spurs to bring financial education and other personal development opportunities to campus,” according to the announcement.

The plaza and Spurs building are expected to be completed in the summer of 2023. The team currently uses a 37,800 square foot facility near the South Texas Medical Center.

The Rock will also involve partnerships with research groups, academic institutions, technology companies, the military, healthcare providers and sports organizations. It is estimated that 1,700 employees will work on the site when it is completed.

SS&E is contributing at least $100 million to the project, and the city of San Antonio is providing $17 million. Bexar County is giving $15 million in exchange for the public park.

But the majority of the money is expected to come from private investors. A spokesperson for SS&E did not immediately respond to a request for information about fundraising efforts.

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