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Futuristic business event management company based in Dubai, “CS Events” certified “Great Place to Work”

  • This certification helps job seekers distinguish between companies that truly offer an excellent workplace culture and gives employers a recruiting advantage by providing globally recognized, research-backed verification of an excellent employee experience.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Cogent Solutions Event Management (CS Events), a Dubai-based futuristic business event management company, has been awarded “Great Place to Work” certification by The Global Authority on Workplace Culture.

The company conducted a survey on the satisfaction of its employees. The company’s 20+ employees are 100% satisfied with their workplace and work culture at Cogent Solutions Event Management.

This certification not only builds pride in the owner and current employees of the company, but also helps attract new talent, partners and customers.

“A company cannot make its customers and suppliers happy if its main assets – human talents – remain unsatisfied. So, happiness at work – where people spend most of their working lives – is the key to productivity and ultimate happiness in life and we take that more seriously than anything else,” Nizam Deen, Founder and CEO of CS Events, said. “If we can’t take care of our colleagues and make them happy, how can we, as a team, make others happy?

“CS Events promotes and supports equality with a zero tolerance approach to favouritism, party politics and unfair treatment. Equal pay, recognition and fair opportunities combined with strong leadership play a much bigger role in our employee satisfaction.

“According to company research, 93% of their employees said that management’s actions and management match their words, compared to 42% of employees in the average workplace.”

Founded in June 2020 by Nizam Deen, the founder and CEO – at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic – the company achieved a turnover of 1.1 million dirhams in the first six months of operation in a very difficult environment. At the end of 2021, the company’s valuation soared to 38 million dirhams (US$10.39 million), in just 18 months of operation. Since its establishment, it has successfully organized consecutive events.

The company’s approach is very focused on customer and employee satisfaction and it has worked for them so far. The team has held over 30 successful events and 10 successful events so far in 2022.

A recession proof company, CS Events has grown from zero to its current stage in a short time and CS Event management is giving credit to employees and planning to introduce great incentives for top performing employees who complete more than 10 years, as the company thinks that the greatest asset for them is the employees and they have been together in this company for a long time and they care about the well-being of the employees.

There are six elements that make Cogent Solutions Event Management an ideal place to work with a great company culture. They are: working towards the same goals, equality, sincere management, innovation, trust and attention.

The company has succeeded in fostering among its employees the culture of expressing the feeling of winning together when times are good and of sticking together when times are bad. When a team is in trouble and needs help, everyone in the organization comes together to support and help achieve the goal. They celebrate special events and occasions together, share the happiness that creates a real sense of belonging for the team. All of the company’s leaders, whether senior or middle managers, have all been trained and coached to lead by example and empathy. Layoffs, in this company, are treated as the very last resort.

Trustworthy, credible, and likeable managers have a significant positive impact on employee retention, overall job satisfaction, employees’ willingness to recommend their company, and motivation to go the extra mile at work. Research indicates that when employees say managers are honest and ethical, they are 5 times more likely want to work there for a long time, and 11 times more likely think the workplace is great.

“CS Events trusts its employees to work on their terms to successfully fulfill their roles and responsibilities without the need for micromanagement. This flexibility makes employees more dedicated and engaged because they feel trusted to achieve their daily/weekly goals in a way that works for them,” Nizam Deen added.

“The company attaches great importance to innovation and gives its employees complete freedom in terms of innovation and creativity. They help their employees identify their passion and compare it to their strength to ensure they give their best at work and back in life. »

The employees of this company choose when they are promoted and when they deserve a raise thanks to the open door policy. We practice an open door policy. Every manager’s door is open to every employee. The goal is to encourage open communication, feedback and discussion on any issue important to an employee and a project.

Mr. Nizam Deen and his management care a lot about the employees and since the pandemic they have shown outstanding support to the employees testing for the COVID-19 virus etc. They went above and beyond to ease the minds of employees during and after the pandemic.

CS Events, with the support of its loyal and satisfied employees, has rolled out an ambitious range of virtual, hybrid and physical business events, which have not only helped companies engage with key stakeholders and grow, but also raised the industry’s contribution to Dubai’s economy from 13.1 billion dirhams ($3.56 billion) to a much higher level.

Great Place to Work recognition is based on confidential survey data assessing employee experiences of trust, innovation, company values ​​and leadership. Companies are also evaluated on how well they create a work experience for everyone, including all employees, no matter who they are or what they do.

This certification is a two-step process that involves interviewing your employees and completing a short questionnaire about your workforce. Employee feedback and independent analysis determine the scores.

This certification helps job seekers distinguish between companies that truly offer an excellent workplace culture and gives employers a recruiting advantage by providing globally recognized, research-backed verification of an excellent employee experience.

The Global Authority on Workplace Culture, which awarded Cogent Solutions Event Management the “Great Place to Work” certificate, has also developed an online toolkit where the certificate holder can gain insight into the certification and how to maximize value , templates, banners, recruitment posters, email templates, press releases and social media templates, etc., which allow certificate winners to announce their achievement. To learn more and how to register for certification, please visit www.greatplacetowork.me


About Cogent Solutions Event Management (CS Events)

A leading “customer-centric event management company” built on the belief of getting the right information to the right people at the right time – through business conferencing.

Delivering high quality customer-centric conferences and conference rooms that solve immediate market problems by providing full control to our clients and customers is why we exist, “we are Cogent Solutions Event Management” , we challenge the status quo and aim to host the best events in the industry.

Established in April 2020, CS Events has become one of the most successful corporate event management companies in the UAE, working with major government entities and multinational private companies. Thanks to their unique belief of “challenging the status quo” and “truly putting customers first”.

Since its inception with just one employee, CS Events has gone from strength to strength with its deep industry knowledge, ability to understand customer needs and specifically create conferences and executive meeting rooms that solve immediate problems. of the market. It currently has a team of 17 professionals as it seeks more professionals to expand its business.

Its team of highly experienced industry professionals create distinctive and targeted virtual, hybrid and physical conferences for businesses to communicate their valuable message to a pre-qualified and targeted audience. His ‘Crowd Connect’ conferences offer companies unique access to any market, industry and high-level decision makers anywhere in the world, without access restrictions.

Web: www.cseventmanagement.com

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