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g7 Marketing joins the WaveCrest group

g7 Marketing, a key player in the Romanian retail marketing industry, announces the merger with Wavecrest Group, one of Europe’s leading customer marketing and experience agencies, embarking on a journey to create the retail marketing agency. next generation brand amplification.

Founded in 1999, g7 Marketing cares about growth. Developing clients’ businesses, own business and people within the agency. In over 20 years in business, g7 has developed expertise in the FMCG, Consumer Electronics and Retail segments, helping brands grow their customer base, monthly sales figures and consumer loyalty. At the same time, the agency has grown from a team of 3 people created by a former promoter to a workforce of over 500 people, covering the entire modern retail ecosystem throughout Romania. Over the years, he has gone from sampling and merchandising to designing 3D retail environments, executing omnichannel activations, and building comprehensive retail marketing capabilities.

The association with European Field Marketing Partners (www.efmp.com) in 2015 opened a journey to international markets and led to closer cooperation with like-minded agencies across Europe. WaveCrest and g7 have gotten along well on many levels, working together on customer accounts and joint development projects.

“Since the beginning of the agency, we have strived to stay at the forefront of the industry and to model our operations on the basis of a solid organizational culture, a strong work ethic and sheer determination to create positive results for our clients and our team. It’s such a lucky event when you meet a partner with the same mindset. Florina Zamfir, CEO g7 Marketing.

WaveCrest is the leading agency in the Nordics, covering Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, combining creativity, execution and proven results. He applies decades of 360° marketing experience both strategically and tactically across events and brand encounters, in retail and beyond.

“We have found a partner in g7 who shares the same concern and appreciation for people and the same vision for what the future of brand experience looks like. A company driven by creativity, powered by data and supported by digital tools. That’s why it turned out to be the right option for us to move forward. The integration of g7 into our group of companies will strengthen our multi-talented agency with experience creative flourishing and additional IT resources.” CEO of WaveCrest, Sune Nielsen.

Creation of the new generation brand amplification agency

In addition to strong retail expertise, WaveCrest also provides several innovative digital services: the retail platform SaleMatethe e-commerce optimization tool digital shelf and the online sales support tool Virtual Store Assistant. One of the key strengths of the merger is the strong and contemporary sales and marketing services portfolio. The combined agency, with over 30 years of retail experience, will cover 5 operating markets, employ 2,000 retail professionals and is expected to reach a turnover of 23 million euros in 2022.

In Romania, g7 continues to operate as usual in all its areas of activity, for all its current clients, with the added know-how and capabilities of a pan-European agency. Due to the strong brand value, g7 will retain its name and function under the g7 Wavecrest logo. Under the new structure, the CEO of g7 will step in as Country Manager, while the existing management team will continue their work, with the possibility of stepping into new roles within the group.

For g7 clients, being part of the WaveCrest Group will bring an extensive service portfolio, with significant strength in social media, and one of the most developed retail marketing technology stacks, tailor-made for the industry. It can also offer Romanian brands seamless access to European markets. Going further, the Romanian subsidiary will gradually start to serve international brands and the Nordic market as well.

For the agency’s employees, the merger opens up new opportunities for working on international accounts, inter-market professional mobility and specialization in the newly created Centers of Excellence. With further alignment under the WaveCrest umbrella, there will be a particular focus on ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance).

On the path to creating one of Europe’s largest retail agencies, WaveCrest will continue its growth strategy over the next few years, through internationally operating clients, select acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

This merger is a sign of the maturing retail marketing industry, in which the changing nature of the retail landscape and shopping behavior is giving way to disruptive innovations from marketers and agencies. It is also an exciting time in the life of the agency, as Florina Zamfir said: “We are pleased to see that the values ​​we have adhered to in all our work are being recognized and appreciated and we look forward to building the next steps inside WaveCrest. »