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Global prayer event at holy sites benefits wives in need

Watch Live at 1:00 p.m. ET: A global prayer event will be held at the sacred burial grounds of our Rebbe and Mordechai and Esther to benefit Hashnosas Kallah in Israel. The names of each donor will be mentioned at these sacred resting places and the event will be broadcast live. inhabit


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Simha revolution! The ‘Adei Ad – L’Chayim U’livracha’ association has launched its partnership week: from Tuesday to Tuesday 7and-14and On the 1st Adar, the month in which “everything turns out for the good”, we all take part in the Simcha – Hachnasat Kallah (bride support) revolution, for brides of the present and the future. The campaign will culminate on Monday, the night of Purim Katan with an international prayer ceremony held at the sacred resting places of our Rebe’im and Mordechai and Esther. The names of each donor will be mentioned at these sacred resting places and the event will be broadcast live!

The launch of the partnership campaign took place on Monday in the village hall of Kfar Chabad Bet. The moving event, produced by ‘Tz’vaim Productions’ brought together 300 partners and friends. Participants agreed to ambitious fundraising goals for Partnership Week out of a sense of admiration for this special endeavor that encompasses the entire community.

Attendees were able to enjoy a full program: Pesipasu Theater’s artful “Bachelorettes” play, “Halahaka” – a musical production by Tali Avrahami, over a delicious four-course celebratory meal. The figures projected on the big screens were impressive to say the least: wedding baskets (Nedunia) valued at thousands of shekels were distributed to as many as 480 brides last year, alongside groundbreaking projects by “L’Chayim U ‘delivered’. for the promotion of adult twinning. The organization ‘Adei Ad – L’Chayim U’livracha’ is served by the community for the community and works tirelessly for the welfare of the community. Everyone who invests sees incredible returns, take the following examples from last year’s campaign:

Esti is a young woman who has taken it upon herself to sponsor a number of brides beyond her planned budget. She excitedly revealed from the podium at the campaign event, that in exactly one month to the day – 7and Adar II, she marries B’ezrat Hashem!

Mrs. Yaffa Shapiner shared how she really pushed herself beyond her financial comfort level and took responsibility for the expenses of 3 wives. The following year, she deserves to marry 3 of her own children!

The participants in the evening continued in the same vein of generosity, each according to their means and beyond their means to make young and mature brides benefit from beautiful gifts. This display of kindness and support helps strengthen and expand the blessed work of the organization.

Now is the time for each of us to earn the privilege of participating in this great mitzvah. Donate now and enjoy your “fruits in this world”, as many of our donors have testified to their merit; shiduchim, marriages, smachot and yeshuot following their donation to ‘Adei Ad – L’Chayim U’livracha’.

At the end of the campaign, the zechut of Tzadakah will be accompanied by the additional zechut of tefillah, at the sacred resting places of our Rebe’im and at the tombs of Mordecai and Esther. The names and requests of each donor will be mentioned in a lively and moving ceremony dedicated to hastening the redemption of each individual and of our people as a whole.

Adei Ad – Share your Simha

Adei Ad’s dowry baskets, which began as a modest gift to 10-20 needy brides per year, have grown exponentially and last year reached an impressive 480 brides! Each bride receives a rich dowry basket containing top quality essentials from top brands worth thousands of shekels. Excited brides and their mothers from all over the country visit Adei Ad’s location in Kfar Chabad, a caravan full of goods. Brides-to-be fill their cars with gifts and merchandise, leaving with not only full cars, but also full hearts and minds. Today, Adei Ad has become a natural step for every Chabad bride in her preparations for her wedding, easing the burden and financial burden of every Chabad family faced with the considerable expense of establishing a new Jewish home.

In special cases of wives of very meager means, larger dowries are provided, including financial aid and subsidies for the purchase of Sheitels from certain “Sheitel Makhers” participating in the Mitzvah of Hachanasat Kallah. If necessary, personal assistance is provided for all wedding preparations by a dedicated volunteer.

The Chayim U’Livracha – A surprising revolution

Along with Adi Ad’s incredible work for today’s brides, a surprising revolution is underway for tomorrow’s brides. The organization ‘L’Chayim U’Livracha’ runs a wonderful combination of projects to promote shiduchim for unmarried girls in Anash. These girls receive a “full service” including dating and marriage seminars, workshops, farbrengens, and group support and mentoring. Similar meetings are organized for Shadchanim. Dozens of Shadchanim participate in our 6-week specialization program, “Secrets of Matchmaking”, where they learn the skills to deal with difficult and more complicated shiduch cases. Other quirky and groundbreaking businesses have been created by caring, action-oriented community members, from the “Caring for All” project to “Tav HaSameach” – offering lucrative rewards for successful shadchanim. A brand new company has just been launched called “Ichpat Li”. The ambitious goal of this project is to offer assistance and support from the start of the shiduchim process to drastically reduce the number of mature girls still looking for their bashert.

This concerns you too! We are all part of the Chabad family. Our act of kindness to wives is returned to us 10 times with blessings for our own shiduchim and for our children and loved ones. We plant Hachnasat Kallah, we reap “our fruits in this world” with blessings for yeshuah, shiduchim and support from heaven – a dowry for our own Simcha!

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