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Haapsalu come together at a charity event of traditional cuisine for Ukraine | News

Dubbed “Boršikatel Ukraina heaks” (“Borsch benefit for Ukraine”) after Ukraine’s national beet soup, Tiina Sootalu, a teacher, told AK that: “240 kg of borscht were ready this morning. “.

The large volume of borscht was the product of the vocational school in Haapsalu where Sootalu works, she said. “My entire second adult chefs course was working hard on this yesterday. There were a total of 13 people, and today three more people helped finish the soup,” allowing the event to continue.

Meeli Lokk, one of the organizers of the charity event, told AK she was, “So grateful, so surprised and so happy that the Haapsalu community is so powerful and strong.”

One participant, Risto, said the offered fare brought back memories of childhood and his grandmother’s cooking, while many others lined up for food, other Ukrainian national dishes as well as the borscht and which was in principle free, although donations to Ukrainian refugees were welcome.

The event was inspired by a similar occasion in Tartu, Loki told AK, and took place in the old town, next to the Kodaniketorn (citizens’ tower), in the city’s famous castle.

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