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Hamilton restaurant slams event organizer for ‘misleading’ vendors at Toronto food festival

By Anthony Urciuoli

Published on May 24, 2022 at 5:35 p.m.

Hamilton restaurant Bring Me Some has taken to social media to slam the organizer of Toronto’s Street Eats Festival for its “misleading” salespeople. (Bring me pictures)

Many people had to run for shelter from the deadly rain and wind that caught many off guard in parts of Ontario this past weekend. But according to vendors who were on hand for the Street Eats Festival in Scarborough, the weather was just one of many concerns.

Bring Me Some, a vegan hot spot in Hamilton, took to social media on Monday (May 24) to call out the festival organizer.

“(We) want to start by warning all small businesses not to attend any event, market or festival organized by Philip Suos – the ‘founder’ of the Street Eats Festival,” reads Bring Me’s Instagram post. Some. “The same organizer of the disastrous Mac n Cheese festival in 2015 and the same organizer of the ‘Markham Public Market’ in 2019 which had to close, leaving its vendors with no space.”

Bring Me Some says it spent “thousands of dollars” to attend the weekend food festival after Suos announced there would initially be up to 20,000 attendees. When it was clear the weather wouldn’t cooperate, Bring Me Some says he was told there would be up to 8,000 attendees.

“On the first day of the event, maybe 300 people showed up,” the restaurant claims. “There were 3 porta pots that were dirty on the second day, and that’s nowhere near enough for the 15-20,000 attendees he told us to expect. The location itself could not safely hold that many people.

Bring Me Some also states that the food festival was originally billed as a free event for attendees, but was later changed.

“…closer to the date of the event, he decided to charge attendees $10 per person. No one wants to pay to get into a place to pay to eat again,” the post read. “With the promise of entertainment, games and a ‘carnival’ style event, we thought people might still attend. There was 1 bouncy castle, 1 merry-go-round and no participants. After the first day of being there, and surrounded by 30 angry and cheating sellers, just like us.

“We had our loyal customers who came out to support us and we are so grateful to them but so sorry they had to pay a fee to come see us.”

Then the storm hit and Bring Me Some says things got even worse.

“It destroyed everything we brought with us that wasn’t in the shipping container we rented. Our tents and everything we had were destroyed,” the post read. “Most of the vendors were luckily in food trucks so there wasn’t much damage to them but we had tents we were destroyed and couldn’t continue the event.”

“Philip didn’t even come to make sure his vendors were okay after the storm passed. He was nowhere to be found.”

Bring Me Some has also issued a warning for Hamilton, saying the Streets Eats organizer is considering opening a public market in the city.

“In past conversations with Philip, he told me he was planning to start a ‘Hamilton Public Market’ and we can’t bring him to our town and scam the small businesses we love,” it read. in the message.

Text messages between the organizer and Bring Me Some were also shared on Instagram by the restaurant.

Bring Me Some is currently set to appear at six more food festivals this year.

From July 1-3, Bring Me Some will be joined by a few other Hamilton-based vendors at Lime Ridge Mall for the Northern Heat Rib Series. Bring Me Some will then be at Fried Chicken Fest in Scarborough the following weekend, before heading to Bayfront Park in Hamilton for Harbourfront Night Market on July 29.

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