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How Facebook Event Marketing Can Expand Your Customer Base

Marketing your corporate event to expand your reach can be overwhelming. Effectively contacting potential customers can be complicated and building awareness for your event can be laborious. So how do you ensure the success of your corporate event?

Event marketing can expand your customer base

Any professional would tell you to turn to social media to spread the word, and they wouldn’t be wrong, because it’s inherently a marketing and networking concept. Creating a Facebook event is a feature that many businesses are turning to for its simplicity and amazing promotional capabilities. Despite the effortless setup, there are still uncertainties about the actual participants.

Below are some pointers on what you can do with the Facebook event feature to gain maximum visibility, make new contacts, and ultimately grow your customer base.

How to Create a Facebook Event for Invitations

Invites on Facebook

After creating your Facebook event, you will need to carefully create your guest list. As a host, you can only invite your friends from your own personal Facebook account, not from your business.

Be careful not to invite your entire friend list – not only can this seem insincere or even look like spam, but you can also end up inviting people who are not considered your target audience for your customer base.

So, I hope you have been using your social media account to network professionally and personally.

Attract your wider audience

To attract an even larger audience, consider involving a co-host for their resources and inviting their friends, who in turn can invite their friends – and so on. It is important to note that the guests you invite can tag or invite their friends, as this offers the opportunity to build a large RSVP list, increasing your business visibility.

Promotional incentives

Promotional incentives

Since guests can invite and tell their friends about your event, it would help provide an incentive to do so. Advertise a corporate discount for attendees who invite one of their Facebook friends. Or, bigger and bigger offers for the friends they invite.

Anything you can do to get a potential customer to move up the RSVP pole from “not going” to “interested” to “leaving”.

Motivate your event

A lot of people say they go, but you want them to actually attend the event. One way to attract potential customers to your event is to offer promotional incentives at your event.

If your promotional efforts stall after you get them to click “go” to your event, you’re only halfway there. Updates on items such as promotional efforts, location change, and general customer inquiries that need to be addressed.

Customer Engagement

customer engagement

Your Facebook event has a wall, just like a regular Facebook page.

Your marketing and networking instincts should tell you that this is a great way to start or initiate a discussion with all of your potential clients. It’s a great place to announce promotional incentives, contests and winners.

As potential customers, it’s important to welcome them in any way, including pointing to your event through other social media platforms, as there are different trends and content for different platforms.

Facebook will remind those interested

If you host an event and invite attendees, Facebook will remind people who clicked “interested” or “left”, however, these reminders are easy to forget.

An active event wall will regularly notify your guests by showing up in their news feed or notifications page with relevant updates or discussions, encouraging them to check the activities while frequently noticing the date of your event .

Create a B2B network with Facebook event marketing

b2b networking
B2B networking

If you have a business-to-business customer base, the networking techniques above are still very applicable. Your guest list should include professionals from your industry or similar industries.

Any professional you contact, even if they’re not attending your event, will know your business and you’ll be on their radar. And when your event is a success, they’ll hear about it too.

Co-host or sponsor the event with another company.

Another way to network is to co-host or sponsor the event with another company. It’s a great way to demonstrate the value of your business to a potential client, as well as gain new business with the people your co-sponsor invites.

It’s not only a way to cut down on some of the promotional and networking efforts, but it’s also a very effective way to get seen by an audience you might not otherwise have targeted.

Social media, when used correctly and with marketing and networking in mind, is arguably the most valuable tool for growing your customer base.

Creating a Facebook event while keeping the above information in mind will maximize your reach, secure more attendees, and maintain your visibility with a large customer base.

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