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I’m a wedding planner – four ways to make your big day more expensive on a budget

YOUR wedding is probably one of the most expensive parties you’ve ever had, and the costs can quickly skyrocket.

Luckily, a wedding planner has revealed the simple tricks to making your big day look high-end without a Kardashian budget.


A Wedding Guru Explained How to Host an Expensive Wedding on a BudgetCredit: Getty
She said that when it comes to food, you should try to get your guests to go table by table.


She said that when it comes to food, you should try to get your guests to go table by table.Credit: TikTok/sisterofthebrides

“If you’re getting married, here are four things you could do to make your wedding day elegant,” wedding planner @SisterOfTheBrides said in a post. TikTok Video.

First, she suggested that when you let people in, make sure you have two people to help open and close the doors after each entry.

“It makes for a super smooth and organized look,” she explained.

Then she said you should make sure you have a good knife to cut the cake.

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This will make the cake cut more transparent and avoid any potential mess.

And if you serve your meals as a buffet, try to pass your guests table by table.

She said, “I saw it and it was a hit. So give it a try, because it makes things really smooth.”

Finally, she said don’t forget the importance of an MC.

“A great MC could make the event super smooth, especially if things don’t go to plan, which tends to happen a lot more than you think.”

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