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Instagram is working on a new plan and event feature / Digital Information World

Instagram is one of the most used apps in the world with millions of people logging in every day to see what’s happening in the world. The app was created by developer Kevin Systrom in 2020. The app quickly took off and is currently on its way to replacing Facebook as the most used social media app.

If someone is an influencer and a situation arises where people are in need, he creates an event like a fundraiser or something and needs to plan the event properly. Well, Instagram is working on one such feature that will allow creators to schedule an event through their dashboard.

According to a screenshot posted by the app developer and update leak Alessandro Paluzzi, when creators click on the create option (the one with the square and plus sign between them), they’ll see a menu that will allow users (at the very end) to see an option to schedule an event. Clicking this button will take users to a new page with three options Location, Date & Time, and finally Guests. They are the most important part of any event.

Since this feature has not been released and is still under development, we don’t know much about the exact functionality of this feature, but we do know that it will be coming to our screens very soon.

This feature will allow users to be more organized with their events and will also help them. Organization is one of the most essential things to start a healthy lifestyle. Being organized means that you would be able to manage both your time and your tasks appropriately and perfectly.

This Instagram feature is a great way to help users be more organized, and we hope Instagram will continue to offer such features in the future as well.

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