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Join us for Expochat: All About Event Marketing in 2020

Are you using the latest marketing tactics to promote your event? Are you sure? Is print finally, officially dead or still practical? What about email? Where is the line between too much or too little communication? Successful event marketing can be a fast-moving target, so let’s kick off the new year (and a new decade!) by discussing the latest opportunities to reach and connect with your audience.

Join us on Wednesday, 22nd of January at 1 p.m. ETwhen Elizabeth Johnson, director of content marketingwill lead a discussion on the latest event marketing tools, strategies and more by asking the following questions:

1. What are the positives (i.e., what do you like about what’s happening) in event marketing in 2020? Do you have examples of specific successful trade shows?

2. What marketing and/or communication strategies should event marketers use in today’s business world?

3. What new technologies can event marketers use to reach their audience and/or find new ones?

4. Are there any strategies or tools you’ve seen outside of the world of B2C or B2B events that event marketers could use?

5. Outsource marketing or keep it in-house: what are the advantages of each?

6. What Event Marketers Absolutely Should Stop do and why?

Held most Wednesdays at 1 p.m. ET, #Expochat is an hour-long conversation on Twitter covering hot topics related to the trade show industry. Sponsored by TSNN and hosted alternately by seven industry thought leaders, including Stephanie Selesnick of International Trade Information; Michael Doane with Cadmium CD; Elizabeth Johnson with Glee Content Marketing; Marlys Arnold, trade show specialist and author; and Bill McGlade and Rich Vallaster of Personify Corp, #Expochat tackles a single topic each week – a recurring problem, innovative ideas, industry developments, best practices and what’s not working.

To participate, sign up on Twitter and follow the #Expochat hashtag at the agreed time. Questions will be identified as Q1, Q2, etc., and participants’ responses should be written as A1, A2, etc. Twitter chat tools such as Tweetchat and others can facilitate participation. Ideas are welcome on Expochat but commercialism is not.

Upcoming topics are listed in advance on our website and reminders will be sent on Twitter ahead of each week’s discussion. If you miss a chat, transcripts will be available on TSNN.com after each chat. We gladly accept story requests by emailing Arlene Shows, TSNN Marketing Manager at [email protected]

Join us for the best live conversations about the industry who signs your salary. Reasons welcome!

To learn more about #Expochat and to see our past discussions, go here.

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