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Launch of DHG MOTO Motorsports and Event Marketing to bring back motorsport’s most important sponsor, the racing fan.

  • DHG MOTO helps motorsport executives create engaging consumer touchpoints to drive more sales, increase sponsorship, enhance riders and bring fans to the track.

ALEXANDRIA, Va., August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In an industry that relies almost exclusively on individual corporate sponsorship, DHG MOTO Motorsports and Event Marketing has assembled a marketing and creative team whose mission is to deliver what the motorsport sponsor wants the more: increased consumer activation.

In response to the motorsports industry’s need for a steady supply of corporate sponsorship, DHG MOTO has developed tailored marketing strategies to connect the four main segments of the motorsports industry: the sponsors themselves ; racing teams; pilots and racetracks.

“The race moves at the speed of money. To achieve quality and lasting sponsorship, you need to have the message, the social presence and a well-thought-out brand strategy that corporate sponsors are looking for. This is where that DHG MOTO can help you,” said DHG MOTO President Damien Harvey.

“The days of a sponsor simply having their name and logo on a race car or driver’s suit are over. Today, with the demonstrated success of a strategic and comprehensive communications strategy, sponsors potentials are looking for race teams, drivers, and tracks to arrive at a pitch with a marketing plan in hand.Our marketing team is structured to meet the needs of any client in this category, particularly as it relates to social media Sponsors demand that any segment of the motorsports industry that seeks sponsorship have a large following on social media before they are even considered,” said Damien Harvey.

“The most important element of success in the motorsports industry is continued audience growth. We need the creative messages and consumer-focused marketing approach that agencies like DHG MOTO can bring to the table,” said a motorsports industry insider. mike levittCEO of Lumen Digital Media.

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DHG MOTO’s mission is to help corporate sponsors, teams, riders and racetracks create effective marketing campaigns. We achieve this by bringing together top brand strategists with leading designers in video production, graphic design and digital strategy, who all share a passion for motorsport. For more information about DHG MOTO, visit www.dhgmoto.com and follow on

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