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Line of Duty event scammers sell ‘£500 tickets’ as Martin Compston warns fans

Sick crooks are selling fake tickets ‘for £500’ for Martin Compston’s Line of Duty charity event in Inverclyde.

We told how An Audience with AC-12 will be held at Port Glasgow Town Hall on Saturday March 19 and will feature Martin being interviewed live alongside co-stars Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar and show creator Jed Mercury.

Funds raised will go to Ardgowan Hospice in nearby Greenock, where Martin grew up.

The 37-year-old, who plays brass Steve Arnott, was “beaming” when tickets sold out in less than a minute.

But fans have been left disgusted by claims that scammers are giving out fake passes to the event.

Martin Compston with Vicky McClure, Adrian Dunbar and show creator Jed Mercurio

Shocked residents took to social media saying they had been targeted.

One wrote: “You’ll never believe this.

“I just had a guy try to sell me tickets at £500 each.

“The Bloomin’ Scammers.”

While another added: “I think they are all scammers.

“I have four in my inbox right now trying to sell me tickets to this event.”

The heads of Ardgowan Hospice issued a statement on Friday, warning those hoping to get their hands on a last-minute ticket to “beware”.

Ardgowan Hospice in Greenock where staff have been described as ‘angels of the earth’

Their statement, released on Friday, read: “Please be careful.

“We have seen on a few sites that people are reselling tickets.

“As noted, resale of tickets is not permitted and will be declined.

“Our team has checked and many who claim to have tickets are not on our shopping list.

“Please don’t get ripped off. »

Meanwhile, Martin echoed the post on Twitter and assured followers that organizers were “definitely considering streaming the event.”

Angry locals and fans have spoken out online, demanding that those ‘selling’ be ‘named and shamed’ for targeting the ‘earth angels’ who work at the hospice.

One wrote: “What’s wrong with people?

“It drives me so crazy.

“Hundreds of us would give their right hand to be there in the evening and obviously people just bought tickets and then resold them.”

Another commented: “This makes my blood boil. I hate people like this.

“I hope no one gets caught.”

Martin Compston plays Steve Arnott in Line of Duty
Martin Compston plays Steve Arnott in Line of Duty

A third posted: “These people make me sick and angry. When they know it’s to raise money for hospice.

“To care for and care for loved ones at the end of life. The staff at the Ardgowan are all angels of the earth to every member of a family who has ever walked through the door of the hospice.

“I hope the people reselling the tickets never have to put a loved one in hospice. They should all be named and shame those reselling.”

Staff reiterated that attendees must be accompanied by the person who purchased the tickets, who must show ID at the door.

Anyone who can no longer do the event should contact the hospice directly, rather than reselling.

Focusing on the goodwill of genuine bettors, Martin referenced a classic AC-12 line to celebrate the sold-out gig.

He wrote on Twitter: “Jesus Mary Joseph and the little donkey that sold out in less than a minute.

“Absolutely beaming, thank you so much for the support and apologies to anyone who missed out.

“We will consider streaming it for those who reach out to us.

“Thank you again, it will be one night!” »

For more information about the work of Hospice Ardgowan, or to donate, visit their website or call 01475 726830.

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