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Local events company wins Kim Kardashian as client | New

SPOKANE, Wash. — A local business is in the spotlight after a Kim Kardashian used her services for a personalized Coeur d’Alene slumber party.

“It was very much like how we would treat anyone who came to us and wanted a custom design,” said Njal Lundberg, co-owner of Modern Dreamers.

From ages 3 to 75, two Spokane moms are making their sleepover dreams come true and, most recently, 9-year-old North West.

As parents themselves, Njal and Lili know how hard it is to host a slumber party and that’s why they created Modern Dreamers, a Spokane-based slumber party and event company that puts the luxury within luxury.

“So it’s really great that we come in, we set it up and they have the party, then we come back the next day, we clean up and it’s like it never happened,” said Lily Klein.

All handmade, there are nearly a dozen themes, there is something for everyone.

“We have unicorn mermaids. We have a lot of fun holiday themes,” she said. “When it comes to boy themes, I think the Gonzaga basketball theme is very popular.”

The new idea is making waves across the region and in May, their luxurious feel caught the eye of one of the most recognized celebrities right now, Kim Kardashian.

“We worked directly with their party planners and were just told it was a VIP guest, but there were clues along the way that kind of indicated who it was,” he said. she declared.

Choose a custom spooky nature-themed party based on North West’s fascination with special-effect makeup.

“The blood-splattered tents were a new thing that we learned to make that was really fun,” Lundberg said.

The Kardashians spent the weekend in Coeur d’Alene, captioning the Instagram post, Camp North.

The Kardashians along with many other celebrities like Harry Styles and Jennifer Lopez are known to visit Coeur d’Alene during the summer months, as a break from the dry California heat for the crisp nature here in the Interior Northwest. .

“There was a photo of North West just a kid and enjoying that experience. I think the reason Lili and I are doing this, why we’re taking time away from our own families, creating these designs and doing these installations , it’s because it creates memories for these children,” she said.

A dream facility that makes the dreams of two local entrepreneurs come true.

“It’s like a dream scenario for Spokane Washington’s small party business,” Klein said.

10% of profits made with Modern Dreamers go to two local charities. They have also donated to over 11 different school auctions, for those who cannot necessarily afford their services.

Right now these two moms are working from home, they now have 5 employees and hope to have a commercial space or warehouse in the future.