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‘MAGA Convoy’ organizer hopes Donald Trump will speak at rally

The ‘MAGA Convoy’ organizer – which is trying to capitalize on protests by ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers against COVID restrictions in Canada – hopes former President Donald Trump and his sons will speak at rallies from the end of the month.

The American version of the protest takes its name from the controversial political slogan “Make America Great Again”, which has been used more recently by Trump, but also previously by Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. Trump has previously voiced his support for the Canadian trucking movement.

The MAGA convoy is expected to start in Los Angeles from February 25 and head towards Washington DC “with many stops in between”, according to organizers.

One of them, Dion Cini, gave an interview to Newsweek Monday. This isn’t Cini’s first time hosting Trump-related events — he’s the organizer of OperationFlagDrop and Boaters for Trump.

When asked if he wanted Trump to speak to the convoy, Cini replied, “Once we get some steam on this, and get some momentum, which we will – obviously I am sure that President Trump, [Donald Trump] Junior and Eric will all talk about what we’re trying to accomplish here.”

The purpose of the MAGA convoy, Cini said, is “much more than just warrants,” but is about “American freedom in general.” He said Americans are being “stripped” of their freedoms because of mask mandates and shutdowns, which are “a precursor to greater things to come.”

Cini said he hopes the convoy will continue for months and be in Washington DC during the midterm elections in November. However, he hasn’t ruled out that they’re coming to DC before then. Some early reports suggested a convoy could start last weekend in Los Angeles when the Super Bowl was underway and end in DC on March 1, when Biden delivers his State of the Union address. Cini said arriving then would be “a bad time” politically.

When asked if he thought holding the midterm convoy would prevent people from voting, Cini replied, “It doesn’t matter.”

“At this point, if we can get the same momentum we got for our 70 million votes [in the 2020 election]we have 10, 11 million [more] votes last time, if we can’t build momentum starting now, it doesn’t matter. If we [conservatives] don’t, then we’ll lose.”

Build momentum

Cini said he wants the convoy to be peaceful, but he hopes it will give the momentum “that the FBI and the government took from us on January 6.” On this date in 2021, Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in Washington DC in riots that left five people dead and at least 138 injured. Four officers who responded to the attack died by suicide within seven months.

So far, the convoy has raised $6,250 in donations, according to its website. Donations will be used to provide drivers and support staff with travel fuel and heat. They will also finance water, food, housing, legal and financial aid. Cini said he eventually wants to raise “$15-20 million” but said it will take some time because American truckers are “making a lot of money right now” and don’t need the same financial support than Canadians. .

When asked if he was inspired by the Canadian movement, Cini replied, “I’m not inspired by what Canadians do. what they do and make it better. Bolder like the Americans do.

The convoy originally started as a group of angry truckers in Western Canada who staged a protest against COVID restrictions, introduced January 20, for unvaccinated truckers crossing the Canada-US border, where they should get tested for the virus and self quarantine. upon his return to Canada.

Truckers descended on Ottawa on January 28 and blocked major roads in the city, causing chaos and disruption for the past two weeks.

There were several arrests in connection with the convoy. Demonstrations also took place on the border with the United States. The Canada Border Services Agency and the White House said Sunday night the Ambassador Bridge border crossing between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, was reopened after Freedom Convoy protesters blocked it.

The initial Canadian convoy galvanized countries around the world to follow the protests.

“If we can’t do it now, we can never do it,” Cini said. “So I’m going to leverage all of these moves. I’m going to bring all of these groups together, these groups together. And we’re going to fight like hell.”

A photo of a truck from the MAGA Convoy site. The movement hopes to build on the movement of Canadian truckers, which has protested vaccination mandates introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.